Report from Fisher's South Florida Booster Visit 5/4/13


Here’s a little report from Jimbo Fisher’s Fort Lauderdale Booster visit last night. Nothing earth shattering to report, but I'm happy to pass on the info. Hopefully I don't ramble on too much, we'll see.

He was brought on stage with Jerry Kutz (from Seminole Boosters) acting as an interviewer. Here are some highlights from the night, as best as I can remember. This is probably out of order and definitely paraphrased, so if anyone was there as well, feel free to correct me or fill in some missing info:

*Started talking about all of the draft picks. Jimbo spoke about how impressive it was, how proud he was of his players and also how it is a great tool to use for future recruits. Even mentioned that he got calls from at least 14 recruits while he was in the green room. Jimbo spoke about people questioning how only 3 picks came from the offensive side of the ball. He reminded everyone that the offense was pretty young last year. There were only 5 draft eligible guys on offense and 3 of them got drafted. Offense was predominantly made up of sophomores with a few seniors and juniors mixed in.

*They then talked about the accomplishments from last year. Jimbo spoke about how important winning the ACC is for his football team. They needed to see what it felt like to win a championship. Spoke about how this team has never felt it and how they all really appreciated being ACC and Orange Bowl champs. Even mentioned how the players would not take off their ACC Championship hats. They just kept wearing them around campus.

* They then moved on to talk about the offense. He spoke about the QB situation briefly. Jimbo mentioned Coker’s ankle injury and how we never really saw his full game this spring and he expects good things from him in the fall, when he’s healthy. He said Winston had a tremendous spring, ate things up, highly intelligent. He’s the "real deal", a very special player, 6’ 4" 225 and makes a ton of plays. Then spoke a bit about how Maguire might have been the most improved player in spring. He’s coming from a wing T offense but he’s picking things up and has a big arm and a lot of ability.

* Receiving group is returning 6 of top seven. Spoke about how Rashad Greene is a very special player and great kid. Spoke about Dent playing well. And then said K Benjamin’s last 8 practices were great. He didn’t want to jinx him, but said the light really came on for him. He’s excited what he can bring.

*Then moved on to the defense. Jimbo spoke about the inside DL guys. Mentioned how even though we lost 2 good players, the guys that return probably made more plays last year. He then rattled off all the names of guys returning at DL and how much talent we have. Spoke about DEnds briefly, nothing really of note to report. Talked about Joyner returning, he called him the Energizer Bunny. Then discussed the other d-backs. Made a point of mentioning Darby and how he expects to see him walk across the stage in New York one day, as well as PJ Williams. Spoke about PJ being a big time player who could walk in NY as well. Then said don’t forget about Hunter, another very talented kid.

*The night then moved on to questions from the crowd. Someone asked if Jameis becomes the starter, will we see more running from him than with EJ last year, and would we see different formations like the pistol: Jimbo said something that I found interesting here. He said that this year is different because both Coker and Winston are similar players in that both can run the ball really well. So it is easier for him to game plan. He then said, last year EJ’s back-up was not as good a runner, so he had to game plan with that in mind. I’m sure I’m paraphrasing here, but I took it to mean if he spent the whole week practicing plays that take advantage of EJ’s legs and then EJ gets hurt, they would not be prepared when Tricket came in.

*Here’s another question/answer that I thought was interesting. He was asked about losing 2 strong South Florida recruiters (Gran and Coley) and replacing them with guys who are not as familiar with the area. Does he have a plan for South Florida? He said we need to remember there is someone on staff who spent his entire career recruiting South Florida. And that was Jimbo Fisher. He said he has over 20 years experience recruiting South Florida and it will always be a place that they will prioritize. Also spoke about Sunseri’s experience here.

Well that is all I can think of off the top of my head. Needless to say the Kool-aid was flowing freely last night and we were all gulping it down.

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