Why Clemson Will Lose To FSU

Where is the respect? Where is the loyalty? To my utter disgust, Clemson for reasons unknown to the sane mind has been picked to not win only the Atlantic Division but win the entire ACC. What did I miss. Have we so easily forgotten the term "pulling a Clemson". What have they done to earn such PRE-season hype. Not to mention, how did they pass up a team (FSU) who not only beat them last year, but are the ACC Champions and winner of the BCS Orange Bowl. Were FSU and Clemson that evenly matched last year? I think not. Yes, FSU won by "only" 12 points last year 49-37. This was a case in which the scoreboard did not reflect how dominate FSU was. Clemson was given 14p points. One on a lucky gimmick play and another on a bad call by the refs which led to another 7 points. Here you go:

Clemson's Sammy Watkins Touchdown Pass to Andre Ellington: Must See Moment (via ACC Digital Network)

Clemson - FSU - Fake FG (via clempsonfootball)

Alrighty, I feel your responses boiling up on the inside, but before you puke out the trash fed to you by the so called experts, lets take a look at some facts.


Clemson WR'S vs FSU DB'S- Gone(Clemson)- DeAndre Hopkins 1400 yds 18 TD'S. Replacement- Charon Peake 71 yds 0 TD'S. Adam Humphries 130 yds 0 TD'S.

Gone(FSU) Xavier Rhodes 39 Tckls 3 INT'S

Winner: FSU- "You forgot Sammy Watkins". No I didn't. He will not be replacing Hopkins. With that being said, last year may have been a down year for him, but Nick Waisome did an ok job limiting the big plays with Watkins in last years game. The confidence and physical play by Waisome had Watkins folded for the majority of the game. Now concerning Hopkins replacements, there is no one on the listed depth chart at this time who can compete with the secondary we have coming back. ACC Defensive Rookie of the Year in Ronald Darby, Nick Waisome and veteran Lamarcus Joyner can easily hold more than their own against anyone of these guys. All have proven the ability to do so. Not to mention Terrance Brooks and Karlos Williams over the top. FSU's experienced secondary gets the win here.

Clemson RB'S vs FSU LB'S- Gone(Clemson)- Andre Ellington 1000 yds 8 TD'S. Replacement-Roderick McDowell 450 yds 5 TD'S

Gone(FSU) Vince Williams 59 Tckls 6.5 TFL. Nick Moody 20 Tckls 1.5 TFL. Replacements- Telvin Smith 64 Tckls 9.5 TFL

Winner: FSU- Andre Ellington as a football fan was one of my favorite players to watch and maybe my favorite running back to watch. With that being said, FSU held him to 55 yds on 15 carries with a long of 12. Right now on the depth chart, Clemson does not have a player that poses to put up the same type of productivity as Ellington right away. Telvin Smith, though not listed as a returning starter, has plenty of experience and the numbers to back it up. Christian Jones also seems to be due for another productive year.

Clemson's O-Line vs FSU'S D-Line- This is somewhat of a toss up for me. FSU held Clemson to only 136 yards on the ground in last years game. I'd give FSU the edge here only because the depth at defensive line and as stated before, with our "veteran" secondary, they will by time for our d-line to attack the QB.

Clemson's Defense vs FSU'S Offense

Winner: FSU- Clemson's defense is terrible at best. This defense gave us 49(FSU), 31(BC), 31(GT), 48(NCST), and 27(SC). Against ranked opponents they give up an average of 443.3 yds per game, 452 against winning FBS schools, and 423 against conference opponents. Compare this to 319, 311, and 274 which belong the elite defense of the Duke Bluedevils.

FSU'S receiving unit which has more than 2800 yds between them (Rashad, Kenny, Willie). The RB'S have more than 2000 yds in production as co-starters/backups (Wilder, Freeman). With more than 4000 yds of offensive production coming back against a team that according to NCAA.COM was ranked 63 in total defense, I think FSU's offense gets the win.

Maybe this article didn't change your mind completely, but I hope the information provided regardless of how ugly it may be presented, will hope give you "cause to pause". This is just my opinion based on the information I've found. No Clemson supporter has given me anything solid besides "home field advantage" or have bout into the Dabo "hype" Maybe it works out for the best and FSU plays with a different hunger and zeal. Either way it goes, we may not be back to the dynasty days, but we are ACC Champions, return elite talent and need to be respected as such. Would love to read your replies....

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