ACC Coaching Hot Seat

In the past, I've done coaching hot seats for the ACC. I let it slip in the pre-season, so here's the early season assessment

The ACC doesn't have a school who would normally fire a coach after just one season, so no discussion on the head coaches of Boston College, NC State or Syracuse. Also the ACC has some non-traditional football schools whose coaches have exceeded expectations in recent years and aren't likely to get fired without a run of bad years - so no mention of Duke.

Starting with coaches who should be safe but not in those prior categories - Jimbo Fisher has four years left on his contract, and would need at least two bad years in a row at this point to feel serious heat. The talent on hand, both student-athlete and staff, is too great for that to happen soon -- Dabo Swinney also safe for much the same reasons -- Maryland is facing tight budgets and unlikey would have the funds for coaching buyouts -- Al Golden could face the hot seat next year if he doesn't make expectation this year, but circumstances give him some room -- Pittsburgh's recent turmoil and history suggest Paul Chryst will see 2014 short of failing to win at least 4 games, which Pitt should do easily -- Larry Fedora is dealing with sanctions so should survive until he gets a chance at UNC to see what he can do without them --

So, on the hottest of seats:

Paul Johnson of Georgia Tech - Tech backed into a spot in the ACCCG despite what was a third place finish, and otherwise hasn't exactly lit the world on fire his last three seasons. .500 ball again where he is competive in the losses might be good enough to buy another year, but if he doesn't end the season with the promise of next year being better ...

Surprisingly, the seat is getting warm under:

Jim Grobe, Wake Forest - Grobe was getting a lot of possiblities to "move up" from Wake after his run from 2006-2008, but would have to have 9 wins this year to match the win total of that period in the five years since. He is currently 20-31 since that run, 12-21 in conferance. Standards aren't high for the Deacons, but probably needs a .500 season to save his job

Frank Beamer, Virginia Tech - Beamer may end up being the victim of his own success. Having raised the bar, he's got to do better than last season. Eight wins may be the minimum he needs, though closing on a run may work. Real danger here is falling to 3rd (behind Miami and North Carolina) or even fourth best team (Virginia's recruiting threatens Tech) in the Coastal after finishing 1st or 2nd every year Virginia Tech has been in the ACC before last year.

Umm, the seat is ????

Mike London, Virginia - this is an enigma. The recruiting is really strong, with 2 5-star prospects and 4 4 star already. If London finishes .500 or better, that may weigh in his favor. London is in his fourth year and hasn't fired a coach of less than five years tenure since 1975 - that after a 1-10 season. Probably safe, but bears watching

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