Noles Presser Backdrop - TomahawkNation Speaks, FSU Listens!

This came from some comments about the shoddiness of our press conference backdrop this week. Screen shot of the original conversation is above & I've included the emails from FSU admin on the topic below, names have been removed. Hopefully, we'll see noticeable improvements in the coming weeks!

My initial email to the FSU Varsity Club Coordinator:

Hi ------,

Not sure who is in charge of this, but I thought someone should know that our fans notice how well we present ourselves (in today's presser we apparently looked like a 2 yr college), or not. This is from a discussion on - link is here:




Varsity Club forwarded my email to SID, this is the response I got:


Just wanted to take a moment to respond to your email about the backdrop at the press conference. Our main goal is to have the press conference look as professional as possible for the television stations around the country that we send it to. As you can see by the attached photo [posted below in comments section], what we stream is quite different from what we send out to the TV stations. The live stream is something we provide to our fans so they can hear exactly what coach Fisher is telling the media live while it happens. We are still working on improving the way that looks and hopefully you will see a noticeable difference in the next few weeks. Thanks for your email and your concern on the way Seminole athletics is represented. We appreciate it.


Asst. AD/SID/Digital Media

Florida State University

And a couple other points I brought up:

Hi -------,

Thank you for the quick response, I'm glad to see the FSU AD is committed to improvement across the board! I understand the thinking behind ensuring a quality product for TV audiences. However, the web viewership might be greater than the amount of views from clips viewed on the news. More importantly, viewers directed your way from sites like are very likely to be either current/potential boosters or current/potential student athletes. As an aside, there is a great (and educated) group of fans over there. If you are ever looking for feedback from fans, that would be a great place to start!

Thanks again & Go Noles!


And realizing all our comments were pretty sarcastic, didn't want us to sound like a bunch of schmucks, so:


One other thing... I know those comments were pretty harsh, but sarcasm & wit flow freely over there so don't take it too literally. I've noticed, for the majority of posters, that the fan base is generally very optimistic about FSU Football & the overall progress of the Athletic Department over the past 2-3 years. As a former swimmer, I couldn't be more excited about the hiring of Frank Bradley. He is an outstanding coach and individual. So, great job & keep it going!

Go Noles (again),


So... email people about stuff you would like to have changed, its seems FSU is willing to listen!

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