Here to eat "Winston" crow and other thoughts regarding FSU football

Winston Crow: After witnessing Winston struggle early on then execute flawlessly against the Nevada today I decided it was time to admit Fisher was right and I was wrong. This QB is special and he has the chance to be the best FSU has EVER produced at the position.

Today's struggle is what most young QBs go is called being on film so DCs can pick apart your game. Give a lot of credit to Nevada..they came to play and had a great game plan. They executed and was actually outplaying and outcoaching Fisher and Pruitt but more on that later.

As far as Winston goes, where to begin? Let me start by listing the most important things a QB must have to succeed.

1) Knowledge of the playbook - I think his knowledge of the playbook is great, years ahead of where typical juniors and seniors in other programs are. He knows where his WRs are and his check downs on any given play. Even on the interception, he forced the ball in even though he knew where the check down was..that was arrogance more so a bad read. You will get that from a freshman from time to time, this was his SECOND game.

2) Pocket presence - incredible feel for the pocket, he should have stepped up in the pocket on the sack but the guard was beaten so quickly that he just took a sack and lived to fight another day. That said, the way he slides reminds me of Brady. Takes that step gets his eyes around, feet and shoulders to the target and delivers.

3) Mechanics - Footwork and ball placement before he throws is impeccable. The way he goes through his progressions are textbook. Throws over the top, like a real QB should.

4) Touch and accuracy - The one thing I notice is how a catchable ball he throws no matter the distance to the target or how tight the window. His ball placement...I can't believe how accurate he is. I've seen him throw just two bad passes in two games that I would count as Rix-type of throws. The ball lands right on the reciever's hands like 90 percent of the time, EVEN WHEN CONTESTED. It is freaky that he's this good.

In summation: Fisher gets paid a lot of money to make calls such as starting Winston over experience (Trickett) and this time he was absolutely correct. The kid is amazing and I gladly eat my crow.

MORE CROW PLEASE! Other things:

1) I used to be worried about our offense against the defenses of Clemson, Miami and UF. Not so much is the freaking defense giving up the middle big runs. I think we beat Miami and UF because we have the better team overall but if we don't find an answer to the runs up the middle, early in games, its goodnight at Clemson and bye bye NC game. That said, we are definitely a Top 20 defense. Very deep and talented...lack of experience and maturity is hurting the defense right now but by the end of the year will be vicious. Will it grow too late for Clemson is the question? I am NOT impressed with Pruitt's defense so far, is Pruitt ready to be a DC on this level yet? Right now I have to say no...But its still early.

2) Any team without a defense or that possesses a limited offense should not be in the NC discussion. The only true contenders for the NC are Bama, LSU, FSU (Clemson's defense is not good enough and same for Miami), OU, Stanford, Oregon and OSU. Louisville's strength of schedule hurts them badly.

3) I think the Noles go 11-1. Miami will give us problems, but lose, same with the Terps. I think Pruitt gets outcoached and we barely lose at Clemson from giving up to many early TDs and we beat UF no matter how fired up they are...Driskell and that offense are awful..they made the Canes defense look like Bama from last year! Go Noles!

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