Noles News 09.16.13

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First, our awesome coverage in the last few days:

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Now on to other matters...

Let's start with recruiting. Ryan Izzo, a talented tight end recruit, visited Florida State over the weekend. And he really enjoyed it.

"He said his needs are extreme for a versatile tight end," Izzo said. "They just don't have any depth right now.

"He said I'd fit because he likes how in my offense I play all over and have experience as a hand in the dirt tight end and as a receiver," Izzo added. -- Noles247 ($)

Izzo liked his visit so much that he's going to decide this week. That is an extremely good sign for the Seminoles. Izzo also likes Wisconsin, Rutgers, Virginia Tech. He is pictured below with his dad.

FSU needs tight ends in the worst way, and needs to take at least two in this cycle. Izzo could be a FSU commit very soon.


Three Florida State lines are available for future games at the Las Vegas Hilton and, and they are now identical.

FSU is an underdog of a point at Clemson, favored by 12 over Miami at home, and is now favored by two in the Swamp. The Florida line is the most interesting, as FSU was a 3-point underdog early in the year, and then was an pick'em last week. Looks like Jameis' follow-up performance has moved the needle.

Maryland :(

Maryland's No. 1 corner is out until Halloween and its No. 2 corner is done for the season. That's bad news with West Virginia coming to town. And both will be out when Maryland comes to town in three weeks. The corner spot might have been Maryland's best defensive position. Now? It's a weakness.

Boston College fan is insane

Look at the comments from BC Eagle 74. Awesome. Dude thinks BC can go five wide.

Over the weekend

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Central Florida finished with 507 yards of total offense in a 34–31 upset over Penn State, the first 500-yard game against the Nittany Lions in the regular season since 2001. (Houston dropped 600 on a lame-duck, post-Paterno outfit in the 2012 Ticket City Bowl.) The Knights scored touchdowns on three of their first four offensive possessions, on drives covering 89, 64 and 89 yards, and went 82 yards for a TD on their first possession of the second half.

Is Bortles the second-best QB in the state?

We record the podcast tomorrow night, so please do note if you want us to discuss anything specific.

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