ACC versus the Computers week 4

Last week the ACC did ok out of conference but did suffer its first bad loss. The good news about the bad loss it was Wake which is expected to be a bottom dweller. As long as WF does not upset the top and hopeful the mid tier ACC teams in conference the loss will not have that much of an effect for the conference as a whole.

First a little update on how the various AQ conferences are doing out of conference. Pac 12 is currently 23-4 OOC. Best wins are ASU over Wisconsin and UCLA over Nebraska. Worst loss is Oregon St loss to Eastern Washington a FCS school.

SEC is currently 22-6 OOC. Best wins are Bama over VT and Auburn over WSU. Worst loss is UK to WKU but UK is bad so their worse loss is probably Okie St over Miss St.

ACC is currently 21-7 OOC. Best wins are Clemson over UGA and The University of Miami (Florida) over uf. The worst loss is WF to LA Monroe. The upside of the bad loss it was Wake and it was at least a FBS school.

Big 12 is currently 16-7 OOC. Best win is Okie St over Miss St. Worst losses are Iowa St to N Iowa and KState to North Dakota both FCS schools. They also have KU losing to Rice.

So on to this weeks game. The first batch being the games the ACC needs to win. Any loss in this group is a bad loss

Marshall @ VT

Tulane @ Cuse



SS @ Miami (FL)

Wake @ Army

This is the group where their is upside for a win and only small downside for a loss

WVU @ Maryland A Maryland win is actually pretty big because it will all but cement the ACC above the B12 going for the rest of the season. This matters because one of the computer polls has a stupid Conference SOS component in addition to a team SOS.

Conference games

Clemson @ NC State In a weird way Clemson losing and being mid tier while NC State losing only to FSU would probably be the best thing for the ACC computer rankings lets be real NCST is just not in a position to do this. So Clemson win is nearly a must.

UNC @ GT GT winning is the best thing for the conference. It lessons the loss to USCe. GT would also move up and possibly be ranked next week or the week after.

For out of conference games I will list the schools that with their wins help the ACC the most in the computers. Of course some of these teams will need to lose in order for ACC schools to move up but I am listing them here because strictly for the computers their wins help the ACC the most. From this point forward I will only list OOC games that will have major effects for the ACC that the ACC did not play OOC.

These schools winning have the biggest positive effect for the ACC. UGA, uf, Nevada, New Mexico, Memphis, UConn, BYU

These schools winning lesson the negative impact towards the ACC. Oregon, USC, Bama, USCe, PSU, NW and LA-Monroe.

Some OOC games of note

Michigan @ UConn While UConn has played the ACC OOC this game does have some unique effects if UConn pulls an upset. This would really help out Maryland in the computers and if then Michigan beats NW and PSU it would do a lot to negate the negative effects of Cuses losses.

KState over Texas would take a bit off of the Ole Miss win over Texas last week making it a so what win. This does take away from UVA a bit but not as much as Ole Miss

Stanford winning all but either ND if they lose to Pitt or Oregon will have the best effect for the ACC

I am sure I am missing some other games that would have an effect for the ACC but these are the biggest ones of the week

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