Florida State Vs. Nevada: Hidden Yards

Melina Vastola-USA TODAY Sports

Let's take a look at how average starting field position played a role in the Noles win against Nevada.

Here at Tomahawknation, we like to give you guys, as much in depth analysis as possible. Once again we're going to take a look at the "hidden yards" aspect of the game against Nevada. The data is compiled through the official drive charts and garbage time and half-killing drives are excluded from the analysis.

Florida State's Offense Vs. Nevada's Defense
Result Possible Gained Plays Per Play % Gained
FIELD GOAL 83 77 12 6.42 93%
Interception 89 2 2 1.00 2%
Punt 74 -6 3 -2.00 -8%
TOUCHDOWN 92 92 7 13.14 100%
TOUCHDOWN 56 56 4 14.00 100%
TOUCHDOWN 66 66 2 33.00 100%
TOUCHDOWN 65 65 1 65.00 100%
TOUCHDOWN 61 61 4 15.25 100%
TOUCHDOWN 45 45 5 9.00 100%
FIELD GOAL 78 62 7 8.86 79%
Totals 709 520 47 11.06 73%

  • 11.06 yards per play before garbage time set in. Wow. This offense is incredibly explosive. The Noles average starting field position was at their own 29 yard line. So, not the greatest starting field position you would want in a game, but this explosive offense was incredibly efficient so it did not matter too much.
  • Nevada did a pretty decent job at making Florida State start in their own territory as the Noles were only able to start in Nevada territory once at their 45 yard line.
  • Gaining 73% of all possible yards during non-garbage time (even higher with garbage drives) is pretty good. Not as good as the Noles did against Pitt though where they gained 88% of possible yards (PANIC EVERYONE). The interception and the quick 3 and out in the first quarter were definitely the causes for this.
  • FSU also accumulated 5 explosive drives (drives where the offense gained 10 yards per play or more) which accounted for 50% of all non-garbage time drives. The last two drives were also pretty close to accomplishing this.
  • 6 Straight Touchdown drives. That's pretty incredible. It really shows how well Jimbo's offense can be when it is being run correctly by the Quarterback.
  • We still are not quite sure how well Cason Beatty is going to be this year since has only punted twice in non-garbage time drives. While his punt against Nevada was a 53 yarder, it was not a very good punt and got a lucky bounce.
  • Florida State's Defense Vs. Nevada's Offense
    Result Possible Gained Plays Per Play % Gained
    Punt 75 19 6 3.17 25%
    TO On Downs 75 64 13 4.92 85%
    TOUCHDOWN 28 28 4 7.00 100%
    Punt 73 35 5 7.00 48%
    Punt 75 5 3 1.67 7%
    End of Half - - - - -
    Punt 75 0 3 0.00 0%
    Punt 88 5 3 1.67 6%
    Interception 71 37 8 4.63 52%
    Punt 65 5 3 1.67 8%
    Totals 625 198 48 4.13 32%

    • Nevada's average starting field position was on their own 30 yard line, meaning they actually out gained Florida State in hidden yardage by about 10 yards in non-garbage drives. The hidden yardage stat did not have a huge influence on the outcome of this game seeing as Nevada got absolutely blown out of the water.
    • Florida State's defense gave up 4.13 yards per play on 48 plays. I definitely think the Noles should have done better on this aspect seeing as Nevada was starting it's 2nd string QB and their 3rd string QB was playing after halftime. Nevada was quite one dimensional at that point and was mostly running the ball. Florida State's run defense will be the focal point of analysis over the next few weeks leading up to Clemson. They will also need to be stronger against the run if they want a shot at taking out Miami and Florida as well.
    • Despite this, it is encouraging that they only allowed Nevada to gain 32% of their possible total yardage and did not let Nevada have any explosive drives. This is not the best evaluation of a defense but it is encouraging that Florida State has so far kept its opponents out of scoring range.
    • We can see how field position plays a major role in determining the outcome of games as the only time Nevada scored when they had the ball on Florida State's

    The hidden yardage battle was not an important factor in determining the outcome of this game. It was two weeks ago against Pitt. FSU completely outmatched Nevada at every level and Nevada was without their starting QB.

    So in summation, I'm going to get some more cheeseballs.

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