Florida State checks off some goals against Bethune Cookman: Still plenty of room for improvement

Stacy Revere

After every Florida State game, we review how the Seminoles did before garbage time, and measure it against the goals set out in the preview. Florida State trounced Bethune Cookman 54-6, which was a slightly larger margin than expected.

It was over when... Florida State's Karlos Williams scored at 6:15 in the third quarter to put the Seminoles up 47-6. Bethune would have just four more true possessions, and even if the Wildcats had scored touchdowns and two-point conversions on all, and recovered an onside kick, scored, and added one more two-point conversion, it would not have been enough. Everything after is garbage time.

Offense (2/3)

More than 9.0 yards a play before garbage time (450 yards on 50 plays, 540 yards on 60 plays, 630 yards on 70 plays)

The Seminoles had 8.8 yards/play, which is very close, and still excellent. And admittedly, the goal was pretty aggressive, and did not account for the rain and wet conditions. If Rashad Greene hauls in the beautiful 41-yard touchdown throw from Jameis Winston at the end of the first quarter, the Seminoles probably hit this goal.

No more than 1 turnover

James Wilder, Jr.'s fumble was the only turnover.

75% or greater TDs in the red zone

Five of six red-zone trips before garbage time resulted in touchdowns. Check.

Defense (1/3)

Less than 4.2 yards/play allowed before garbage time (210 yards on 50 plays, 250 yards on 60 plays, 295 yards on 70 plays).

FSU met the most important goal, allowing only 3.9 yards/play before garbage time. Check. Of course, Bethune lost its quarterback early on in the game, so FSU fans shouldn't feel too good about this defense, yet. Tackling was a major issue, and failing to wrap up.

One of the major issues was quarterback scrambles. While Bethune gained just 22 yards on six scrambles before garbage time, the Wildcats did convert two third downs on scrambles. Florida State's rushers were sometimes out of control.

Force two turnovers

FSU didn't recover either of Bethune's fumbles, but that it did force two is encouraging. Fumble recoveries are largely random, and all FSU can do is continue to force them and hope they bounce to the men in garnet and gold. The interception by Telvin Smith was excellent.

Less than 50-percent touchdowns allowed in the red zone.

Bethune only had one trip into the red zone, but it did score a touchdown on it. Fail.

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