FSU is the BIG BROTHER - and here is the proof

The UF big brother thing is so wrong, and it's got my Irish up. This is from an older fanpost, but there are many more FSU fans that need to see this:

Unknown to most FSU football fans (and desperately ignored by reptile fans who don't want to admit it) is the fact that football was played in Tallahassee long before 1947 when FSU became coeducational once again. The 1905 Buckman Act, which segregated Florida college students by race and gender, eliminated male competitive sports from then Florida State College including the football team. Also unknown to FSU fans is that the "F" so popular now in Gainesville was first sported by FSU's football team (see pictures).

When football was started again at newly renamed Florida State University in 1947, many of the FSC football players were still around. In 1953, the FSU homecoming parade had a float with several former FSC football players from 1902 (see last picture).

The WFS and FSC football teams played schools like Georgia Tech in Atlanta, Florida Agricultural College (FAC) in Lake City, East Florida Seminary (EFS) in Gainesville, Stetson in DeLand (discontinued football in the 1950s), and Bainbridge (Ga.) Giants, a city team. (FAC and EFS were combined with other schools at Gainesville in 1905 after the Buckman Act to create today's UF.) College athletics were nothing like today, some schools used non-student "ringers" in their competition, and "home cooking" was rampant with no regulatory agency like today's NCAA.

If Florida State counted the games played from 1902-1904 as Georgia Tech (check their year by year results in their football press guide) and some other schools do, we would have to change the series record with Florida by one win and one loss in 1902 (beat FAC at home, lost in Lake City), by one win and one loss in 1903 (beat FAC in Lake City, lost to East Florida Seminary in Gainesville), and by one win in 1904 (beat FAC in Lake City), for a record against Florida of 3-2 from 1902-1904. Against Georgia Tech, we would have to add two more losses (lost in 1903 and 1904, both in Atlanta). Personally, I think this is a very good idea, because it connects our long history instead of ignoring the West Florida Seminary and Florida State College years altogether.

I can't resist adding this historical note - In the spring of 1885, the state legislature passed "An Act Recognizing the University of Florida" which reads as follows: "The People of the State of Florida, represented in Senate and Assembly, do enact as follows: Section 1. That the Florida University as organized at the City of Tallahassee be recognized as the University of the state, and be known as the University of Florida; provided, there shall be no expense incurred by the state by reason of this act. Section 2. That the university continue under its present organization and officers until such further action be taken by the state legislature as the case may require." This act continued until 1903, when the title University of Florida was temporarily bestowed upon Florida Agricultural College at Lake City and later to Gainesville.


Scores of Games 1902-1904 (games 1899-1901 were considered intramural)

date FSC Opponent (site) Score

1902 = Coach W. W. Hughes

11/19/1902 5 Bainbridge (Ga.) Giants (Tallahassee) 0

12/12/1902 6 Florida Agricultural College (Tallahassee) 0

12/20/1902 0 Florida Agricultural College (Lake City) 6

1903 = Coach W. W. Hughes

10/16/1903 22 Bainbridge (Ga.) Giants (Tallahassee) 0

10/23/1903 5 Bainbridge (Ga.) Giants (Bainbridge) 0

10/30/1903 0 East Florida Seminary (Tallahassee) 16

11/7/1903 0 Georgia Tech (Atlanta) 17

11/14/1903 12 Univ. of Florida (Tallahassee) 0 (formerly Florida Agricultural College)

11/21/1903 5 Stetson (DeLand) 5

1904 = Coach Jack Forsythe

10/8/1904 0 Georgia Tech (Atlanta) 35

10/15/1904 East Florida Seminary (Gainesville) (game canceled)

10/22/1904 23 Univ. of Florida (Lake City) 0

10/29/1904 0 Savannah City (Savannah) 6

11/5/1904 0 Jacksonville Consolidated (Jacksonville) 6

11/24/1904 18 Stetson (Tallahassee) 6 (Florida champions)

[Male athletic competition at FSC interrupted in 1905 due to the segregationist Buckman Act, resumed at FSU in 1947]


All of these pictures are available through the Florida Heritage Collection, Florida Memory Project.

West Florida Seminary football team 1899



West Florida Seminary football team 1900 (no picture available online in the WFS Argo yearbook)



Florida State College football team 1901



Florida State College football team 1902



Florida State College football team 1903



Florida State College football team 1904



1953 FSU Homecoming Parade float with former FSC football players from 1902 (Veterans of Former Wars)



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