Jameis' Inspiring Post-Championship Speech Being Grouped With Sherman? Absurd

After the Seahawks beat the 49ers last night and Richard Sherman gave an interview that almost shut down Twitter, Jameis started tweeting his opinions about the whole situation. Some of the replies he got followed the same, ridiculous narrative we've been hearing since the championship was won- Jameis' postgame speech made no sense, Jameis' doesn't know how to talk, etc.

Is America really this ignorant? Read the transcript of Jameis' postgame interview with Tom Rinaldi below.

TR: With 1:15 to go in this game, final drive, what did you tell your teammates around you?

JW: I said guys, we didn’t come here for no reason. I said guys, this is ours man. This is ours. All the adversity we went through the first few quarters- it was ours to take. And like I’ve been saying, we control our own destiny. And those men looked me in my eyes and said, we got this Jameis. And I said, are you strong? They said we strong if you strong. And I said, we strong then.

TR: After struggling through the first half what was the biggest adjustment you guys made at halftime?

JW: We had to go back to playing Florida State football. We came out here and we were letting us be bigger than the game. We were bigger than the game. Then we had to say hey, let’s play Florida State football, because can’t nobody be bigger than this game. And we did that, and we came out victorious.

TR: You had an embrace with your head coach Jimbo Fisher, you’ve been through a lot with him this season, what did you guys share in that moment Jameis?

JW: We just- we champions. We could share that we are champions together. And through everything that we’ve been through, through all the haters, through every single thing- we came out victorious. And God did this. I’m so blessed, he’s so blessed. All the stuff that he handled with Ethan? And he comes out here and coached us? That touched me. And it’s nobody but God. It’s nobody.

TR: Ethan being the reference to Jimbo’s son. You said it once, you said it a hundred times this season- if we’re gonna do it big, we’re gonna do it big then. And how big is this moment?

JW: It’s the biggest. Happy birthday. My cousin’s in Afghanistan watching this game, Teona Winston. We’re doing it for everybody, and we’re doing it big all over the country, all over the world- and I’m proud. I’m proud to say I’m a Florida State Seminole.

TR: Congratulations, Jameis.

JW: Thank you.

Correct me if I'm wrong but I thought that was an absolutely fantastic postgame interview. First of all, it was the complete opposite of Richard Sherman's interview- not cocky whatsoever. Beyond that, Jameis had some great thoughts in the two minute interview that many would not be able to put into words right away in that setting. If people cannot look past dialect to listen to what is actually being said- well, that's very sad.

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