#FSUtwitter vs. EDSBSbasementdwellers

So, I was home sick today with the flu and had read just about everything on TN that I could. Still bored, I decided to check out EDSBS. Although the irreverence gets a little old, there are typically some good, funny articles to skim through. Now, I don't normally read the comment sections over there because.....well, I sort of compare it to WalMart......I feel like I lose brain cells for every minute I dwell there.

Well, today was different. The first comment of the first article I read referenced #FSUtwitter, so I was intrigued. I started reading the comments and, one after the other, they are making snarky, negative comments about FSU, FSU fans, Tallahassee, Jameis Winston, TPD, etc. Not to take myself too seriously.....and knowing the nature of the dwellers at EDSBS, I didn't reply to any of the comments.

No, not until I read the one from Brian_Goodison, our friend over at STS. This is his comment in regards to FSU fan's reaction to the conference realignment situation:

It was also extremely entertaining.

Founder Four Five Two
Manager Royal Blue Mersey
Editor Shakin the Southland

by Brian_Goodison on Jan 30, 2014 | 12:58 PM up reply rec flag

Well, I decided this was a good opportunity to politely remind him that FSU fans aren't the only one's to go a little crazy about their football team, so I replied:

Not as entertaining as this, though

So you want to play us in the 4th Quarter?

by patriotnole on Jan 30, 2014 | 1:42 PM up reply flag

Which, of course, is the link to the Clemson Meltdown thread.

The irony of what transpired after that comment is unbelievable. All of the sudden, comment after comment, people are telling me how horrible FSU fans are and the nerve I have to make a comment. I mean, they are stumbling over themselves to be the one with the quickest, snarkiest remark. But, oh yeah, #FSUtwitter right?

Well, I didn't make many more comments after that, but I decided to hang around and read some more. Here's the thing, have you ever wondered why each of those articles typically have more than 1,000 comments? I'll tell you. It's basically the same cast of characters going back and forth.....literally all day long, hour after hour,trying to out snark the other. You basically have the creepy 35 year old, still living in his parent's basement, who has not seen the light of day in 6 months talking to the "Wizard of OZ" guy who talks a big game behind the keyboard, but when you pull back the curtain is a mouse of a man who hasn't amounted to anything, talking to the........well, you get the point.

Seriously, there is no way people can spend that much time bantering back and forth all day long and lead healthy productive's actually kind of sad. Save yourselves the time and brain cells and never read a comment section over is literally twice as bad as an ESPN comment section.

Also, if you ever see #FSUtwitter, realize that it is not a compliment and it is probably coming from an EDSBS basement dweller.


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