Easily overlooked importance of 2013 Syracuse and Idaho games for 2014

This morning when I first thought about this concept, I had no idea that Jameis loved crab legs so much, and thus I wonder if I should wait to post this because it likely will not get much attention, but I have time today so what the heck.

During the offseason I occasionally watch old FSU games on youtube (thank you Mandarinole) and watched Syracuse and Idaho from last season. Watching the second half of both games got me thinking that what happened then could really help us going forward into this year and possibly beyond. I take this from the awesome breakdowns of the games by Mandarinole on Youtube. The evidence:

From the Syracuse game

Video/ Game time

7:04/12:05 2nd Sean Maguire is already in with the first team offense, getting valuable reps.

8:02/7:45 3rd Maguire with a nice TD pass to Nick O'Leary, showing nice touch on the ball (though it was a little high and 35 had to jump for it)

8:16/7:13 3rd The majority of the defense is made up of 2nd teamers, again getting valuable reps at "game speed".

8:34/5:48 3rd Casher makes a great play forcing the fumble, recovers, and runs it in for a defensive TD.

Now for the Idaho game.

8:55/12:17 3rd Maguire in already with Karlos in the backfield. They would play the rest of the game.

9:24/11:26 3rd The 2nd team defense is in the game, getting reps.

10:11/6:27 3rd This play features a handoff to Karlos who pitches to Kermit on a reverse. This play struck me as a play that we could use much the way uf used to use Percy Harvin on reverses which was so effective for them. Both Karlos and Kermit have amazing speed and must be respected by any defense. Merely having these 2 on the field at the same time with the possibility of running this play would give a DC fits. Whether they run the reverse or fake it, the play should force defenders to be out of position unless they are very disciplined.

11:10/1:43 3rd Maguire with a play action/ rollout and a nice pass completion to the WR. Nice play by 10 with god body control and throw on the run.

12:13/11:15 4th Nice run by a young Ryan Green showing good patience and setting up his blocks

12:56/8:45 4th Nice pick by another youngster, Keelin Smith.

13:57/4:29 4th EJ Levenberry makes a nice play, getting the batted pass at the LOS, catches it and returns it for a TD. Big confidence builder for a young kid.

I know some will say "consider the competition" and I understand that both of these teams cannot compare with the talent we are blessed with here at FSU, but I think the time on the field is so valuable for last years' second and third teamers who are now 1st and 2nd team players. We are going to need quality depth this season and these kids got lots of experience in these games.

Now, if we can just hook up Jameis with an inexpensive seafood distributor! Idaho Syracuse

Again, thanks and credit to Mandarinole for posting these videos.

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