House Divided: The Arrogance of a Few Against the Many

I love Florida State.

I promote the school in any way I possibly can. I served on the Executive Board for the Southern California Seminole Club in Los Angeles during the lost decade, and I watched every game regardless of what atrocity the team wore or who was calling the plays. I read Tomahawk Nation every day just to stay close to the program, and I appreciate the dedication and passion with which the site is run. Truth be told, I don't really get into X's and O's, or when some 16-year-old kid may or may not make his official visit. But, I do care a great deal about my alma mater.

Nothing incenses me more than someone questioning my loyalty.

Did Florida State need a unified branding update? Yes.

Did the Seminole logo we all know and love need some refining? Probably.

Does FSU need to market itself more effectively to stay on a competitive level and insure its own financial survival? Of course.

But who are you to tell me that I'm not a fan if I don't like the way this new shiny Nike thing is being rammed down my throat out of nowhere? This logo redesign was not a simple refinement. These were not minor updates. This is a branding overhaul, and FSU fumbled the kickoff.

This is not about resistance to change. This is about the process.

Ever since LogoGate began, there has been a noticeably arrogant amount of pushback from individuals against the rest of a shocked and irate fan base. These individuals have become patronizing and dismissive against any dissenter, claiming them to be nothing more than a noisy minority of the "lunatic fringe."

Really? A minority?

To honestly believe that only a few fans are in an uproar is to have your head in the sand. But, for the sake of argument, what if it is? What if only 14,970 fans are actually upset? (That is the current number of Likes in the Save The Florida State Logo Facebook page as of this posting.) I wonder how many of those upset fans read your comments or your updates on Twitter. I wonder how many of them feel about being chastised about the loss of an icon they cherish, and that they should just shut up and accept it. Insulting their loyalty. Their intelligence. Their fandom.

Chatting with Bud over email, I tried to explain why this is such a hot button issue:

I think it's a very personal attachment for a lot of people. Florida State is my New York Yankees. Imagine them suddenly changing the NY on the cap.

It's psychological. Things change so fast these days - products, music, remakes of movie remakes, your kids - that we like to have a constant in our lives. You always knew that the Seminole head would be there at the 50, and the spear on that gold helmet. BBQ on the grill and cold beer in the fridge. Saturday ritual. That's why throwbacks have become so popular in sports. It reminds us of simpler times. This feels like one more part of our youth being ripped away.

There is an unnecessary divide among us that is grows more ugly by the day. Fans calling out fellow fans. Players and coaches tweeting their support of change, and in turn being questioned for that support. We have gotten ourselves into quite a mess. I do not know how it ends. I just know that it has begun in the worst way possible. And that is a shame.

No one should tell me how I should feel about this, or for how long I should be upset. I'm extremely disappointed at the way this has been handled. As a proud graduate of Florida State, I have every right to be.

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