I know Tommie Wright's passing is old news

And maybe I'm stealing ColdNole's thunder by posting this, but I have to make his point more forcefully, since crab legs and frickin' linebacker rankings are top dog threads around here: one more important piece of Florida State University's present has passed ad astra. Perhaps in the hurry to comment about the actual timeline for Jameis' exit from Publix, or whether he forgot the %$%%ing butter, y'all missed this article: At The Battle's End He's Great: FSU Fight Song Composer Dies.

Sure, Florida State's fight song may be a little dated lyrically. But the resonating part isn't missed by anyone who has ever heard it. And every generation seems to put its own mark on it. Whooooo! What what!


F-L-O-R-I-D-A. S-T-A-T-E.

Regardless of the updating, or the somewhat throwback lyrics, the overall effect of that song is timeless. Whenever I hear the Florida State fight song, I know that our team is not quitting. I know that FSU is still moving forward. I feel a surge of optimism. The intro alone is enough to get my heart racing.

A lot of folks find the idea of a song or a flag or a symbol inspiring people hokey these days. I know that even singing the national anthem or even wearing a flag t-shirt is considered outre in some circles.

But I felt very proud when my two oldest kids randomly selected that song to memorize and sing to their grandma (60's FSU alumna and my mom). Of all the old fart music their dad plays, from Tennessee Ernie Ford to SPEBSQA competition highlights, from Asia to TMBG, the FSU fight song is what resonated with them.

And without me mentioning it, they knew that their Oma--the first woman in their family to go to college--and their daddy would love hearing it from their lips. They don't really understand yet what it means to my mom and to me that our tradition, that our history, that our pride in our school, lives on in them.

But it does mean something. Tradition means something. It's not just a scribble in a book or a note in a song. People came before us, sacrificed for us to have what is now, and traditions remind us of that history, they remind us of the people that have come before. And while I aspire for my children to go to the school of their dreams, I like to think that they will remember that Florida State was a foundation and a source of inspiration for their family.

God bless you, Tommie Wright. Rest in peace.

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