FSU football player vs. a female accusing said player of Sexual assault. NYT, USA today, Tampa tribune, ESPN ; please don't let the facts get in the way of the truth, as it sells online ad space.

The below is not to be read by those who have taken the time to read into this case. The following is, well, for the population of online posters, reporters, and others. Who refuse to read up on factual information.

Fact number one...Due to Winston being an idiot with the broken windows, the free soda and the recent crab fest, I can only assume that the young man surrounds himself with questionable friends and acquaintances. I also can assume, no, predict, that Winston will continue to get raked over the coals until he proves to behave up to the standards of a Full Scholarship football player, a PUBLIC REPRESENTATIVE of a team and a university. Which, Winston tries to deflect due the his birth-date. Sorry Jamies, that youthful indifference effort may fly for John and Jane Doe living in a dorm down the road, but please stop, as it will not work for your status. Not in August of 2012, and definitely not in present day.

Having stated that the FSU FOOTBALL representative and player, has not lived up to the higher standard that is required while on and off campus, I also want to address the media and/or online add driven journalistic what to be's, as they too, have fallen short. They too, should be raked over the coals, as they constantly try to connect the dots of the idiocy that is Jameis Winston's behavior, to a major rape case, that the football player was cleared of 6 months ago.

I can only still ascertain that the press and the general public that was not happy with the result of the case and will not rest until they get their pound of flesh via the FSU football player. A pending Civil suit to free the Football Player of his future professional earnings, is clearly in the works.

Again, is Winston displaying any modem of common sense as of late? No. But to piggy back on this college football players future, by labeling him the rapist that got away with it? Is irresponsible, and frankly just as idiotic as any shellfish caper. I only can state that, as by the facts that follow below...


as an aside...Why is Winston's name absent from the above post's title? As is Law...I Believe that all possible assault victims should remain nameless. I also believe in rape accusation instances, UNTIL CHARGED WITH A CRIME, the accused to be left nameless as well. When evidence is presented to charge a suspect of rape, I believe at that time, the defendant facing the charges, should become public record.

This theory of mine will never come to pass, but in the Winston case? WOW, should it have been implemented. The accuser would have been protected by 1,000 times, she would most likely still be taking classes at Florida State. The legal result would still have been the same as per the facts in the case, but the accuser would not have been dragged through the social media as the villain, which was just reprehensible, no matter what facts or inconsistencies you have read. Some think my above theory is to protect the accused, Not at all.

If Winston would have been charged, he would face no protection. But now, in this instant gratification world of social media? Yes, victims protection may want to be played out across the board. No names until there is a charge. Lest you want to see friends and family sullied via the next Twitter and Facebook post.

A sad, but true reality of our current times. Technology has taken the expectation of privacy, and rendered it nil. Even more depressing the college age generation that embraces said social media, really does not even understand the concept of privacy expectations.


After reading the NY times article last month,and the the USA today piece last week, I am looking to the Calendar for solace. Is it the winter of 2012? Possibly the spring of 2013? Maybe it could still be last fall? NOPE, it's late May 2014. Why the personal challenges on proper date awareness? Well, NYT, USA today, ESPN, and many anonymous bloggers continue to send me back in time.

Anywhere you look on the internet, even 18 months later, the exercise in futility continues. Should Winston be held accountable? Maybe she'll get a payoff after a while via a civil suit, as that young man needs to pay for his actions? Yet when the other side of actuality comes to call, all that is said in the bold print of the National media; Winston was never charged of the assault accusation.

Well let's ponder a bit, as I know, while asking for Winston to pay the proverbial pound of flesh, for his actions, the print and online publications will not expose the facts on even a limited basis. Currently, one is still left asking, why not post the reports findings, the evidence? At least each time Winston plays the idiot? Why does one have to search 20 sites to piece together the truth?

The following are the FACTS via Interviews and reports taken from Doctors, Nurses, friends, and witnesses. These are not to be assumed divisive opinions, nor are they to be misconstrued as emotions that frequently cloud evidence, that is often taken out of context. From evidence, interviews, signed affidavits and all medical reports (which are all of public record and readily available online, and too numerous to link to);

  • The FSU football player and female student had sex that December Evening/Morning in 2012.
  • After being dropped off in the vicinity of her apartment by the FSU football player, the female subject in the case let her friend know that she was assaulted and hit over the head, she knew she had sex with someone, yet due to the head injury and intoxication was blacking out, in and out of consciousness, throughout the previous hours. The accuser also stated that she may have been slipped a drug via one of her alcoholic drinks. Her friend was shaken by this news and subsequently called the accusers parents as well as the police department.
  • The accuser in this case then did seek medical assistance at the local hospital. A rape kit was taken as well as a drug screen, and an Alcohol blood content assessment.
  • The Drug Screening came back with no trace of drug content. It has been stated quite often that date rape drugs can fade quickly, but via the affidavit testimony from the accusers friend, the witnesses, and the medical personal findings, that too, was proved not credible. As other than the accuser, all involved claimed to be lucid.
  • The Alcohol blood content dictated that there was not intoxication at the time of the test, nor was the legal limit of intoxication possible, when the testing was adjusted for the metabolic breakdown of the alcohol via the lapse of time, the estimated .10 level of intoxication would not prove impairment by any means.
  • The attending Nurses did document that the accuser had no signs of head trauma, and that abrasions were clearly apparent on the accusers knees. The rape kit did reveal sexual intercourse did take place, as per the semen DNA testing, albeit, no cuts, tears or excessive abrasion to the genital area were present.
  • The DNA on the subjects face, genitalia and clothing did prove the FSU football player DID have sex with the accuser. As was freely admitted by all parties involved.
  • The DNA sample that was found on the accusers clothing also denoted the presence of another semen sample, from another sexual partner.
  • When asked about the other sample of DNA, the accuser provided to the police detective, that her friend and roommate would borrow her clothes, so she had no idea who's extra DNA sample belonged to. She later admitted to having sex with her boyfriend, not releasing his name. Frustrating investigators.
  • When interviewed, the friend vehemently denied ever wearing said article of clothing, and it was later documented, per testing, that the extra sample of semen, did, in fact, after testing, belong to the accusers boy friend. A college football player as well. Visiting that weekend from his school in Ohio.
  • The accuser, for unknown reasons, stated the football player she was assaulted by, was 5 inches shorter and 25 pounds heavier than the football she had oral and intercourse sex with, actually was. The accuser stated we were drunk. She could not remember... Yet...When the accuser's friend was asked in her affidavit if everyone was drunk from drinking that night, she stated the "No, we were all fine."
  • When asked about the previous measurement inconsistency following the public release of the football players name, the accuser again pointed towards intoxication and the possible fog of a surreptitious drug dose, placed in her drink. Which conflicted with her friends previous testimony in affidavit form.
  • When asked about the documented testing that was done on her system, which all came out contrary to her story, the accuser had no further comment. Pertaining to the DNA, later, she did state she did not want to tell the truth to reveal the football player from Florida state, as everyone would have become angry with her.

As these are only some of the facts. Feel free to read the entire 200 page report, then, please listen to the interviews, not on Winston's side but on the accusers side. Very, very telling.
Some may ask why the case was even left open, others will continue to state, that the police should not have stopped there, and it clearly should have been brought before a grand jury, even with the lack of evidence. No matter how knowledgeable you may claim to be, even after 18 months of online evidence, one would hope the NY times and others would maybe add some of the facts? Maybe add some links to the PUBLISHED reports following all your articles?


There are also myriad inconsistencies that either could be taken as opinion, or as needless vitriol;
AS IN...why were the police not more thorough in this case? Do the above snippets of proven fact lend oneself to think that maybe there was no case to begin with?
Nevertheless, yes, to be sure, all law enforcement involved should have, and must, provide a higher level of diligence. Not only to further protect the accuser, but the innocence of the football player. Although all the facts in the case do point out consensual sex, Law enforcement needed to push further to close the door, to prove, above all doubt, the accuser had no case.
And now, the scratching of the head questions...Why was the case made public via Mat Baker of the Tampa Bay Tribune, Via TMZ? Matt baker new the accuser after covering her High school sporting talents, and was acquainted with the accusers family? Why would the Tallahassee source send him the case number? Why was Matt Baker even involved?
And of course, with the case number being on the books since 12/2012, why did the accusers family, TMZ, and Matt Baker make this National news almost a year later, when the football player was on the way to such great accolades on the gridiron? Why was it leaked via TMZ right after Florida State was assumed to be the best team in the Land?
Could it have been leaked when the football player was sitting on the bench during the previous football postseason? Could it have been leaked when the football player was playing baseball on a national stage, as part of a premier college baseball squad?
Per Chance, Could it have been leaked when the football player was a star of the annual football spring game? Maybe it could have been leaked when the football player was named the starter and new leader of the team,as a freshman?

And to end it, putting conjecture aside...with the most disturbing fact of it all, When the accusers friend was asked about what the accuser thought about the football player, before the case went Public, via TMZ and Matt Baker....
"(The friend of the accuser) stated she never knew who the suspect was but put it all together after the woman was continuously putting posts on Twitter saying she hated Jameis Winston," the report said. "She indicated those posts began after the successful football season started in September of 2013..."
When said hate festers for 10 months and is not elevated with a sense of urgency? Yes, the timing of it all is quite the suspect here. Not the Florida state football player...but the entire timing of it suspect ...reeks of current and future financial greed.
And even if Winston wakes up, after stealing soda, crabs and breaking windows. And represents the university with the class and dignity, that all major college football scholarship athletes should? You have to think, that after Darby and Casher are either kicked out of school and/or kicked off the team this week or next, due to the National media outcry, that the accuser and her representatives will earn a size-able multimillion dollar payout come the fall of 2015.
Winston's Sanity, the New York times, the USA today...and most definitely, TMZ, will make sure that all comes to pass.

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