Florida State Football All-Jimbo Fisher Team: Offense

Stacy Revere

Tomahawk Nation readers have been voting for a week on the Florida State Football All-Jimbo Fisher Team. Before proceeding to the voting on the defensive side of the ball, let's review the offense. Click the headers to see the voting and the debates!


It says a lot about the quarterback play under Jimbo Fisher that two first-round draft choices were crushed in the voting by a third quarterback, Jameis Winston (91%). 

Running Back

In an extremely tight race, the highlight maker Chris Thompson (59%) beat out Devonta Freeman (41%). Both had tremendous careers. 


Chad Abram (6%) was beaten out by Lonnie Pryor (94%). This margin wasn't surprising, because Pryor was very good for a long time, but Abram was probably better in his one year than some give him credit for. 

Tight End

Nick O'Leary (98%) beat out Beau Reliford (2%) in our most lopsided vote. This was not surprising as O'Leary is perhaps the best tight end in FSU history. 


The trio of Kenny Shaw, Kelvin Benjamin and Rashad Greene (57%) beat out Bert Reed, Rashad Greene and Kelvin Benjamin (18%). The debate came down to Shaw v. Reed, and most sided with Shaw. 


Cam Erving and Menelik Watson (48%) beat out Andrew Datko and Cam Erving (20%) in what had many screaming recency bias. Erving was the easy choice, but it appears Watson's brief flashes dominance during his single season beat out Datko's consistency. As member FSUSteelers wrote, this vote showed why this exercise is so fun:

With each vote, I get a clearer picture that everyone's standards and criteria are different. When I vote, I’m of the mindset that we’re building a one-year team to make a glorious run at the best football season ever, not 3-4 years of greatness. I also am trying to judge based on talent and production alone, not how long they stayed or what have you.

Others are thinking more long-term with their selections, and that’s awesome. The diversity in opinions and voting are what keeps these interesting, and makes for an awesome community of people. Keep on rocking, TNers!


Rodney Hudson and Tre' Jackson (63%) beat out Hudson and Josue Matias (30%). This was one of the closer races. 


The only debate here was whether Brian Stork's (88%) playing of other positions should be held against him. It wasn't, Ryan McMahon only garnered 12% of the vote. 

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