Predicting College Gameday Locations 2014

Week 1 - FSU vs Oklahoma State (Dallas)

The only other real options here are Alabama vs West Virginia and UGA at Clemson, but with FSU being the defending national championships and the game being slotted at 8pm on ABC I'm going to guess Gameday travels to Dallas for the Cowboys Classic.

Week 2 - Michigan at Notre Dame

Not many interesting games this week but Gameday is always a sucker for this matchup and the tradition behind it. They will travel to South Bend for week 2.

Week 3 - Tennessee at Oklahoma

This one was pretty much a toss up for me between UGA at South Carolina, USC at BC, and UT at OU, but with these two traditional teams meeting up for the first time since 1968 I'm going to go with this matchup.

Week 4 - Miami (FL) at Nebraska

Unfortunately with Clemson most likely being less impressive this year and Gameday recently visiting an FSU game in Dallas, they once again visit a matchup of traditional powerhouses that rarely meet.

Week 5 - Missouri at South Carolina

Really no appealing matchups this week for Gameday. If they don't visit Columbia or Metlife Stadium for Notre Dame vs Syracuse, I could easily see them using this week for a smaller school like they did for North Dakota State last year.

Week 6 - LSU at Auburn

If not here I think they visit East Lansing for Nebraska vs Michigan State.

Week 7 - Oregon vs UCLA

Biggest west coast matchup of the year and could have serious playoff implications. There's really no better setting than the Rose Bowl anyway.

Week 8 - Notre Dame at FSU

Hopefully both teams are still undefeated and Doak will be rocking. Corso can wear the headdress once again.

Week 9 - Ohio State at Penn State

Classic matchup in Happy Valley at 8pm on ABC. Doesn't get much better than that. Plus there's not much competition this week.

Week 10 - Stanford at Oregon

Gameday makes their yearly trip to Eugene. Other possibility is Florida-Georgia in Jacksonville, depending on team records.

Week 11 - Alabama at LSU

Big postseason implications, likely night game, and not many other intriguing matchups. Pretty confident in this prediction.

Week 12 - FSU at Miami

This one might be a stretch because this would be FSU's third Gameday game of the year and they came to Tallahassee for this one last year, but there aren't many other options out there. Auburn-UGA is also highly likely.

Week 13 - USC at UCLA

Have to go with this matchup even though this would be the second time they visit Pasadena. Another option is Louisville at Notre Dame but that would be another double location site. Like I said before, they could use this week to visit a smaller school.

Week 14 - Auburn at Alabama

Have to go with the Iron Bowl, even though this is probably the hardest week to pick. Really any of the major rivalries could be chosen this week depending on the record of the teams involved.

Week 15 - SEC Championship Game

Gameday usually visits Atlanta for this game because it's a perfect site. Much better than the cold, nasty weather always seen in Charlotte. Big 10 Championship and OU vs OSU are also options for this week.

I hope you enjoyed my predictions. Please feel free to share what you think or mistakes I made. Thanks, and Go Noles!

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