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Two Recruiting Notes

Two Recruiting Notes

1. Top-50 player Defensive End Aaron Lynch, from Island Coast HS in Cape Coral, has de-committed from Notre Dame. Lynch is 6'5" 260lbs. Tomahawk Nation has predicted this for a while now and we believe FSU is in good shape to land him. IrishEnvy is in complete meltdown mode. Notre Dame is not the type of program that should land a player of Lynch's Caliber. See the recruiting board for more on Lynch. 2. FSU landed a top-100 hoops player in Antwan Space. This is per @ebosshoops. He is a 6-foot-8 combo forward from Texas. Top 100, four-star, player.

AP and Coaches Poll

In the AP Poll VT is 20, NCSU is 23, and FSU is 24. In the Coaches Poll VT is 20, FSU is 24, and NCSU is 25.

Over/Underachiever: Evaluating The Vegas' Pre-Season Win Totals At The Mid-Point Of The ACC Season

A piece looking at how each team is projected to finish against what the pre-season expectation was. Vegas lines used to set the pre-season expectation.

Technology-Enhanced Game Watch

So the  Samsung Enhanced Content advertising  campaign asked me to address a topic of my choosing regarding technology and sports.  I've decided to talk about several and as you watch football...

On a play like the fumble play, somebody has to account for the defensive end. The fake was to...

On a play like the fumble play, somebody has to account for the defensive end. The fake was to Lonnie Pryor and Lonnie went out in a route so clearly its Ty Jones. Ty's going to try and wall him (outside position) instead of turning him out as its an easier block for him to just cut. He was too tight and needed to be wider to get the proper angle. Ty ran up the tackles ass and needed to be outside leg. You don't think these little things will hurt you but the quarterback can't stare at the damn running back to make sure he's in the right place on the fake. Christian Ponder hardly extended the ball. Ponder can't be worrying about the backs doing something as simple as taking the right track. He's got his eyes downfield ready to come off and throw the touchdown. I like that he took some blame but its not hard to see how this really went down in replay.

This is from one of our readers who just won a state championship as an offensive coordinator. A big thanks to him for his help on this. Did Ponder take the blame to take the heat off Ty Jones? IIt's a classy move to protect the young running back's psyche. No doubt Jones knows he messed up and he'll hear about it meetings this week. And this from a former college player as well "This is on Ty no doubt about it just look at his steps. He got wide on the first step then his next steps went downhill instead of continuing on his initial angle which leads him to the 8 hole right outside the tackle. The guy who made the initial comment is 100 correct ponder cant be looking at the fake, you always blame the QB nature of the beast but this one isn't on him."

Mistakes Doom Seminoles At North Carolina State, 28-24

From ridiculous penalties, to blown blocks, to poor defensive angles, to not knowing the first down line, and a costly fumble helped N.C. State knock of the Seminoles.


Florida St. Seminoles at N.C. State Wolfpack

A comprehensive preview of the tonight's marquee game between the Florida State Seminoles and N.C. State Wolfpack.

Florida State 5th In Punting Efficiency

I get a mention in this week's FEI article, thanks to an idea I thought up last week on twitter, which Brian was able to measure more precisely. FEI is not kind to FSU this year, however, as the beatdowns FSU has put on its opponents aren't so special when measured against the beatdowns everyone else has given to those teams. And it doesn't help that Oklahoma demolished FSU yet hasn't played very good football in all of its other games. Florida State currently rates 39th overall, with the 25th-ranked offense and the 51st-ranked defense (seems counterintuitive until you realize FSU's O has played the 13th-toughest set of defenses and FSU's D has faced the 73rd-toughest set of offenses). 73rd v. 13th is an enormous difference. The other half of the F/+ system, the Varsity Numbers S&P+, has FSU 24th, with the 25th-rated offense and the 28th-rated defense. FEI and S&P+ combined probably puts FSU at around 32nd. The combined rankings come out this Friday. A win over NC State should boost FSU's status in the November 5th standings.

Talking NC State With

An in-depth discussion of the prime-time matchup between the Florida State Seminoles and the North Carolina State Tar Heels.

Tomahawk Notes 10.27.10: Beware Weeknight Games

Tomahawk Notes 10.27.10: Beware Weeknight Games. FSU faces a difficult test as a small road favorite tomorrow night.

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