Clemson Trip

  1. What members of TN are going?
  2. Tailgate plans?
  3. Do you have any extra tickets?
  4. Going to college gameday?
  5. FSU watch parties in SC?

Possible Dream match-up winner is Alabama. Now for player comparisons

  1. Deion Sanders = ?
  2. Derrick Brooks = ?
  3. Warrick Dunn = ?
  4. Terrelle Buckley = ?
  5. Peter Warrick = ?

Possible (Dream) National Title match-ups Florida State? which one would you want.

  1. FSU vs Alabama
  2. FSU vs Oklahoma
  3. FSU vs Oregon
  4. FSU vs Stanford
  5. FSU vs Ohio State

FSU Softball Starts Tomorrow 2/8

  1. What? - FSU Softball Baby!
  2. Who? - #24 FSU Softball vs FAMU
  3. Where? - JoAnne Graf Field on the campus of Florida State University
  4. When? - 6PM ish depending on
  5. Why? - Because you're a Nole and it's Opening Day

For What It's worth - after Saturday's games and before the rest of the weekend

  1. Lonnie Pryor is tied for first in player scoring (18 points)
  2. FSU is 16th in rushing offense, 7th in Total Offense, 2nd in scoring offense
  3. FSU is 11th in rushing defense, 7th in total defense, 6th in scoring defense
  4. Tied for first in sacks, 8th in tackles for a loss
  5. Werner leads the nation in sacks and tackles for a loss

Ideas for TN pick 'em

  1. Every player starts with X bankroll
  2. Players can wager up to X% on any given game
  3. Players are allowed to choose their bets (not req'd to bet every game)
  4. Bets are placed on the spreads as before (no w/l optionality)
  5. He with the most money at the end wins

5 Things, Bowl Edition: Notre Dame & Florida State

  1. Both defenses are efficient at limiting sustained drives: Notre Dame ranks 25th in 3rd down successes against (35.09%); FSU, 18th (33.88%).
  2. Neither offense is that explosive. ND is 56th nationally in 20+ yard big plays on offense (54). FSU is 45th (58).
  3. Both defenses are decent at stopping the big play. Notre Dame ranks #4 nationally in limiting 20+ yard big plays against (32). FSU is 6th (34).
  4. Gotta love @BillConnelly1's covariance work ( FSU Offense blew out bad defenses, laid down against good defenses; and stout against all offenses faced.
  5. Accordingly, ND played down to a few of the lesser defenses and offenses it faced, but not glaringly so.

Who do you hate more, why......

  1. Urban Meyer
  2. Jimmy Johnson
  3. Tim Tebow
  4. David Narcomey
  5. Ron Cherry

Poor coaching at some of the ACC schools that have the ability to recruit top talent.

  1. 14: Players drafted off Clemson and Miami
  2. 13: Games won by Clemson and Miami
  3. 9: Draft choices from the North Carolina Tar Heels (Butch is not a bad coach, but UNC is on the list due to the scandal)
  4. 5: The number of Carolina draft choices who played this year
  5. 1: Draft pick from N.C. State

5 Things: FSU Recruiting

  1. FSU signed twelve ESPNU 150 players in 2011, the same amount signed by every Big Ten school combined.
  2. FSU signed three times the amount of ESPNU 150 players in '11 than the entire Big East (4).
  3. FSU has taken the #1 CB out of Florida two recruiting cycles in a row (Joyner #1 nationally, Waisome #2 nationally).
  4. Of the top recruits from Florida (ESPN 4* and higher), FSU took: 8 of the top 19; 16 of the top 55.
  5. In '11, FSU took the #1 and #2 OT (Hart, Prestwood) along with the #1, #2, and #3 DT (Jernigan, NLS, Mitchell) in the state.
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