5 Things: 2010 Defensive Edition

  1. Brandon Jenkins' 13.5 sacks ties him for 3rd in all-time Seminole single season sacks with Everette Brown ('08) and Reinard Wilson ('96).
  2. Jenkins' 21.5 TFLs ties him for 3rd in all-time Seminole single season TFLs with Everette Brown ('08), just behind Darnell Dockett's 22 ('01) and first place Brodrick Bunkley's 25 ('05).
  3. Jenkins' 24.5 career TFLs (3 TFL in '09) puts him at 8th all-time between Corey Simon and Marvin Jones.
  4. FSU's 62 PBUs (Pass break ups) almost doubles their '09 total (32) and is 13 more than their previous 5-year high of 49 ('08).
  5. Greg Reid (14) and Xavier Rhodes (12) recorded the #1 and #2 most PBUs by a Seminole defender since the statistic has been made available ('06). Patrick Robinson (11) held the previous highest total ('09).

Top Jimbo Fisher Quotes of the Day

  1. "We got the players we wanted. We went and got the guys we wanted and we think are very good football players. If they rank them No. 1, they rank them No. 1. If they rank them No. 20, they rank them No. 20. That doesn't bother me. We evaluate our own guys."
  2. "It does. Because it sends a message to other kids that, 'hey, there's something good going on there. There's bunch of good players there. We've got a chance to win championships." -Fisher on if having one of the top classes will give FSU momentum.
  3. "The bottom line is you've got to win."
  4. "So you want to go play with other good players. At least the competitive, really good guys want to go play with other good players."
  5. "Yes, we won a national championship." -Fisher on if he had ever had a top ranked class before.

What this Bowl game means to me

  1. Well I dont know bout yall, but Im ready to talk about the bowl game. Fri, Dec 31 @ 7:30 PM ET #20 South Carolina VS #23 Florida State in the Chick-fil-A BOWL. I dont think anyone could not be happy about this game. Its a close to home game, both teams have a lot in common, and its the first step to rankings next year.I truely feel this is a must win for both schools.
  2. First off, most Bowl games want a team like FSU in there game. Thats not a wish or dream its the truth. Most seasons FSU is ranked as the most watched Bowl game of the year. Not only this but FSU fans travel very well and because this game will be in the Atl. where FSU has huge boosters this could be as close to a home game as we could get for any Bowl. The down side of this is that USC is in the same boat. Being only 2 hours away its a day trip for Gamecock's, they have boosters t here as well, and if you didnt know just like most SEC fans USC has no problems picking up and throwing a massive tailgate party. Do not be surprised with this game selling out. I was stationed last year in Columbia SC and have to say I actually started following USC and liked what I saw. There fans are cool down to earth people (unless its Clemson they are playing) My sunday school teacher was a season ticket holder and most of the class were USC fans. Funny though his son-in-law was a Clemson fan and the only one and then there was about 5 FSU fans. Anyhow for the fans of both schools this could be a great game if its keep close.
  3. If you havent heard yet this game is one of the few where both runner-ups in there Conf. will play each other and at the same time are ranked. This says something about both of these schools. When I heard Steve Spurrier was going to USC I thought that they would become how UF was back in the 90s. Never thought I could be so right and so wrong. Spurrier is still the same coach run the team like he use too. This biggest Differance I ahve seen is in his staff. He went out and has gotten some real good coaches. To top this off he has milked SC recruits. He might not be getting all the 5* but OMG SC has some players there. USC offences line coach might not have his guys as disciplined as FSU but they are big,strong and down right mean. You are looking at about 1550lb w/o a TE and 1825lb with there TE. This has been a big focus for the line coach for the last 2 years. Though they are not as fast as our o-line is they are big and strong. They have pushed around most teams they ahve played this year in the SEC. Though they might not have won some of there games scoring was not the problem. Im sire Bud will brake all this down but I just want to throw some thoughts out there.
  4. Enought about that, last I want to talk about what this game could set up for FSU next year. Right now FSU is ranked #23 in the nation. a win here would put us I think at least to 17-20 depending how other teams win/lose. I feel WV, Miss ST, (USC), Utah will all lose there games. and a win from us could get us up to the high teens. This is a big deal because next year we could really shoot to score high I think. I feel we can end next season in the top 5 with a OB at the least. The higher our rank is the less we have to crawl up the later. If TCU was in the Big-12 they would be #1 with there record hands down because they started off 6th where Orgen was 11# and Auburn was #22. If we end the season about #18 I dont think we would drop any and could go up with what we have coming back. Next year we have Charleston Southern, Louisiana-Monroe, OU, and UF. from the coastal we get Duke, UVA, and miami. So lets see I think we could go 11-1 worst 10-2. (OU and maybe an ACC team) At the same time If we can get by OU we could run the table and that is where the preseason ranks come in. Teams like TCU. Boise St, and such we can jump but other teams with one lose or winning strait out could have us if we are not ranked high enough. Its not about this year anymore for me. Yes I love seeing FSU win but from the start of the season we all new that FSU wouldnt win the NC. Some do/or did beleive we had enough to make a good run in 2011 and should make it to the NC in 2012. The only bad thing about this is that USC is in the same boat. A win for them could put them right where we want to be next year.
  5. Maybe Im on crack but I think this game is going to be one of if not the best Bowl game this year. Look at them really. the NC might be a good game if it dont turn to a blow out, The OB only if VT shows up, Allstate Sugar Bowl the only one that could give our game a real run for the money. Thats about it. All this talk about such great bowls but to me they all suck. If I want a FSU fan I would really feel this will be one of the best games to watch. Well sorry for all the grammer and spelling. hope this is not as painful as my last one.

FSU Recruits In Playoff Games

  1. TE Nick O'Leary (Dwyer)- shoulder injury, played 1 quarter.
  2. QB Jacoby Brissett (Dwyer)- marched team on would-be game winning drive. Dwyer loses on 44-yd FG as time expires.
  3. RB James Wilder (Plant)- 220 yards 5 TDs in 5A
  4. WR Rashad Greene (STA)
  5. RB Devonta Freeman (Miami Central) 354 yards 3 TDs in 6A

Jesse Palmer's Comments on the Scott Van Pelt Show

  1. "The balance of power in Florida is now firmly in the grip of Jimbo Fisher"
  2. "FSU is killing it in Florida recruiting...and there is still over a month left before NSD"
  3. Florida has to figure out something soon before FSU creates a gap that will be almost impossible to close for the next 4 years"
  4. Dan Mullen will come to Florida; if not Charlie Strong
  5. Gators may want to give Bill Cowher a call.

Top 5 Quotes of the Day

  1. "I'm excited to be a part of it," Fisher said. "You go into your career and to get involved in some of the great traditional rivalries in college football you feel very blessed. When you're a kid watching TV, growing up wishing you could be a part of that, this is one of them you talk about all the time. It'll be a great game on Saturday. I'll be very blessed to be in it and look forward to the opportunity to competing in it. They have got a great program and are coached well, have great players so we'll have to be on our A-game."
  2. "Sometimes you do things in games that guys will never do on the practice field," Fisher said. "It's a pride about them, a competition level and that's the thing that makes athletics to me so great. There's nothing you can predict, in what the competition brings out of someone. Some guys don't know they've even got it in them, that's what makes it so special to me you see guys evolve and grow as people."
  3. "This game is always a big game," Fisher said. "With the implications in-state and to be the state champion of Florida will put you into that national title talk. It does mean a lot. It can help us grow and go to where we need to be and that's one of the reasons you come to Florida State - to be in this game and we want to get back up there."
  4. "A lot of the [Miami] guys I went to school with, played high school down there," said Beau Reliford, who grew up in Fort Lauderdale and attested to the pride involved with this game. "It's a big challenge to show those guys we have all developed and I want to see how they have developed in college too. So, it's just a pride thing to me; just going trying not to lose. My main goal is to go hard and give the fans what they want to see."
  5. "It means a lot," said Chris Thompson who followed the rivalry as a child and will be playing in South Florida for the first time. "Ever since I have been watching football (they have) always been the biggest games of my life, to sit down watch Florida State-Miami and Florida State-Florida. So it's fun to be part of one of those teams and be able to actually play against them."

Top 5 Jimbo Fisher Quotes After FSU's Win Over UVA

  1. They're learning to focus; they're learning to prepare," head coach Jimbo Fisher said after his first career road win. "They're understanding that Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday - they're learning they can't just say `now I build my momentum on Friday night.' They're learning how to come to the game to compete. It's part of maturing and it's a great thing to see.
  2. We're 2-0 in the league. It's learning to win on the road in the league," Fisher added. "If you're going to win conference titles, you're going to have to win in somebody else's house. Virginia has played really good football all year. Really good football.
  3. They played well," Fisher said of his defensive unit. "The offense ate the ball and kept them off the field. The defense got some three-and-outs. They played together. That's what we keep saying: offense, defense. Here's what you've got to understand. Defense is getting three-and-outs, offense is taking six minute drives, which keeps an offense out of whack for the other team.
  4. He really made some good plays," Fisher said of Ponder. "He was very efficient today. I thought he missed some things but he scrambled two or three times which he always does. He threw 29 times but he didn't have to throw it all the time. We made plays and he was really efficient on third down. We were 10-for-16 on third-down.
  5. “This is one of the great rivalries in college football,” Fisher said. “This is the reason your kids come to Florida State, to play in that game. Miami has a great program. Playing them down there will be a tall task, but hopefully we’ll grow and accept the task.”

5 Things: 2009 FSU Fumbles (vs. Winning FBS Teams)

  1. 2 fumbles per game (18 in 9 games) - 89th worst rate in the country.
  2. 1.1 fumbles lost per game (10 fumbles lost over 9 games) - 92nd worst rate in country. (UF - 91st worst)
  3. FSU fumbled once every 34 offensive plays, the 85th worst rate in the country.
  4. FSU lost a fumble once every 61 offensive plays,the 91st worst rate in the country.
  5. 6 of FSU's 13 lost fumbles (for all games played) came off Christian Ponder sacks.

The Top 5 Jimbo Fisher Quotes of the Day

  1. "The 90's are over. Worry about doing things right and the direction you're going. If that happens, winning will come.''
  2. "Your ultimate goal and the first objective, if you want to get back to the BCS, you've got to win your conference.''
  3. "He does not want to be average in anything he does, and he's willing to put the sweat in to get the glory. He really doesn't look at it as glory. I think he just looks at it as who he is. That's his DNA.'' Fisher on Christian Ponder
  4. "We're recruiting good players and getting guys to do the right thing. The thing we've got to understand is how to win, how little things add up to big things and you don't put yourself behind the eight ball all the time.''
  5. "I think we can rectify a lot of those things,'' Fisher said about last years dismal showing.

5 Things: 2009 FSU Passing Defense

  1. Using stats accumulated against teams with winning records only, FSU gave up 9.1 yards per attempt (106th worst in the nation).
  2. FSU's 18 passing TDs given up (110th) is only 3 off from worst in NCAA. Standardized per passing attempt, FSU still ranks sub-100 (102nd).
  3. FSU opponents completed 58.5% of all passes, which surprisingly is good for 47th place amongst all defenses.
  4. FSU forced 10 INT -- tying VT, ECU, and others for 14th.
  5. Standardized per attempt, FSU forced an INT once every 21.7 attempts (16th) -- just a fraction behind BC, and about 1 Att. behind that of National Champion Alabama.

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