5 Things: 2009 FSU Situational Running

  1. On 2nd downs, FSU was 26th nationally in total 1st downs achieved via the run.
  2. On 2nd downs, FSU was 6th in rate of 1st down conversions (54 1st downs / 144 Attempts = 37.5%). The 144 rushing attempts on 2nd down puts FSU in at 73rd nationally.
  3. On 3rd downs, FSU was 21st in rushing average (3.93 yards per carry).
  4. On 3rd downs, FSU converted almost 50% of rushes for 1st downs (16th).
  5. On 3rd downs and 1-3 to go, FSU converted almost 70% of rushes for 1st downs (18th).

The Top 5 Jimbo Fisher Quotes Of The Day

  1. "Expectations are high and you can't run from expectations. It's how you deal with them, expectations don't win games. Just like talent. Talent is what you're capable of; attitude determines how well you do it. They're saying we're supposed to win but we have to have our attitude right, go back and remember what work ethic is and remember the process of winning. Lay the foundation, work hard every day, control what we can control, don't worry about what people say, don't worry about the outcome. If we're ready to play, then the expectations will come true."
  2. "We also believe that guys need to have success off of the field and we can develop these young men by creating an atmosphere and environment for them to be successful as people, as students, then as athletes. When they start having success outside their area of expertise, and I consider athletics as their area of expertise, it's amazing how the person grows and it transitions right out onto the field. We're trying to develop the person and be proactive in everything we do and try to get them to see things in a different light and be very successful. If you are successful off the field, you'll be successful on."
  3. "Last spring we sent the tone on how we want to do things and the tempo and intensity by which we want to practice," Fisher said. "This is the way it's going to be done, we're coming here to work, practice is a place to get better and have fun with it.
  4. "That's why I wanted the Florida State job," Fisher said. "That's why I waited and turned down other opportunities because I wanted a place where I thought we could win it all. I know we're not there yet but we have a chance in the future if we do things right.
  5. "It's the details right now," Fisher said. "Making sure I dot the I's and cross the T's and get our team at every possible position into camp and prepare them to be successful. And touch every aspect of everything we do and make sure we get enough time on it and do a great evaluation of our players, make sure we don't overload the players but still give them enough to win."

5 Things: 2009 FSU Punting

  1. Versus all competition FSU only punted 3.4 times per game, good for 7th in the nation.
  2. In their wins, 3.1 PuPG (12th in the nation) -- losses: 3.7 (7th in the nation)
  3. Against winning FBS schools, FSU only punted 3.3 times per game (5th).
  4. When facing ranked opponents -- 2.7 PuPG (3rd).
  5. Punts per game when facing winning FBS schools (and national ranking) : 2009 - 3.3 (5th) || 2008 - 3.1 (5th) || 2007 - 7.0 (107th) || 2006 - 5.2 (64th) || 2005 - 7.4 (112th) || 2004 - 5.3 (37th)

2011 Recruiting Analysis Tidbits

  1. (Per Rivals Recruit Search feature) Interesting to note of the 100 commitable offers we have issued we have only one JC scholarship out, and that to an OL (Jacob Fahrenkrug). 2010 - 7. 2009 - 1. 2008 - 7. 2007 - 4. 2006 - 5. 2005 - 5. 2004 - 4.
  2. We have offered 0 scholarships to any prep school kids. In 2010, we offered 1. 2009 - 2. 2008 - 1. 2007 - 2. 2006 - 2. 2005 - 1.
  3. 60 of 100 offers are to kids from within the state of Florida.
  4. 25 of 100 offers are to kids within 100 miles of Coral Gables, with 3 already committing to play for FSU and 2 going elsewhere (UM, OSU). For reference, Miami has offered 19 kids within the same radius. 1 committed to play for UM, and 2 others going elsewhere (FSU, OSU).
  5. It's also interesting to see where kids we've offered have elsewhere committed. Of the 100 HS kids we've offered commitable offers to, we've nabbed 11, and the next highest is Alabama with 6. UGA, LSU, and ND with 3. UF, USC, and Auburn nabbed 2. I think this adds up to having a great hybrid philosophy of national and local recruiting efforts.

Former FSU Seminoles in the Arena Football 1 League

  1. Xavier Lee and his brother, fellow former Seminole, linebacker Anthony Kelly, are on the roster of the Oklahoma City Yard Dawgz
  2. Neefy Moffett is on the roster of the Jacksonville Sharks
  3. Clevan Thomas is on the roster of the Arizona Rattlers

Considering the misses on Dorsey and Deering and the haul at WR will Dent and/or Haggins be steered to play safety?

  1. Don't know what Dent and Haggins were promised during recruiting but it does seem to make sense from a depth and playing time perspective, especially considering we landed Christian Green, Kenny Shaw, and hang onto DeJoshua Johnson.
  2. Also should it be assumed that Bjoern Werner stays on the D-line considering both Lemonier and Smith committing to Auburn?

Dont Underestimate The Wounded Dog

  1. Does Maryland have what it takes to beat FSU. I think this is a shock but The just might. Yes, Im talking about the the same 2-8 Terrapins that almost lost James Madison in OT, yet beat Clempson and hung around with WF and NCST. sounds crazy but I think we need to look at this game as a big deal.
  2. For some this is a win already with a lot of people looking at who we might get in the bowl game we are going to. I think some people have forgoten that FSU still need one more game to even get in. With Maryland and UF left that leaves Maryland because the UF game is like a 7% chance of us winning maybe less. So why are you so worried Des about Maryland this team sucks and thats true. But FSU sucks (well the Def at least). If most havent noticed teams have put up points on FSU all year. Every team other than WF have put up there best Offense game agenst us. Most teams are putting up an avg. of 390.2 yards a game and thats including Jax St. As for Maryland that are avg. 311.1 yards a game. If the trend is right then they will at least get that + more on FSU. Can FSU's offense out score them maybe.
  3. Now that they have seen what EJ can do and what JF will try they will have a much better game plan that WF. There Def is not that good at all from what I can tell. Im sure FSUn will go into depth about this. Most well have a good feeling but Im not. If we stick to the same game plan as last week we could have some problems.
  4. FSU last week got lucky with the game play because WF didnt know what they would see form FSU. They thought we would run the same game plan we have ran all year and that didnt happen. We ran a lot of Play-action and bootlegs. We ran a lot of zone reads and options. We ran a lot of short easy passes. Im not saying that will not work but we didnt set up plays like JF would have with Ponder. WF thought we were and that helped us. This week we need to see more and less of both. We need to stick with the zone reads because thats the base play. The fly motion will be nice because we have 3-6 plays out of it but we only saw 3 of them. (the pass to the motion, and ISO/Zone read, and a bootleg backside TE flats pass.) we can still see the revers/ a dud pass from Reed and prob something else I have no clue about. I would like to see some QB draws( like the ones Ponder would run off T) Also I think we need to get EJ running some Trip options with that pony formation we have with both RB going one way and Ej taking it the other or fake the FB under and EJ and TJ/jones to the other side. Keys on the numbers game will be big because Maryland will move more up closer to the line. The bubble will not work well I think but the slants and TE post could be big for us.
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