Appreciating the indoor facility


"Miami is three-for-three in lightning delays this camp. So far, UM’s three practices have been delayed for 40, 90 and today, 40 minutes. Everyone will be happy when practices move to the morning full-time next week; it’s usually less stormy at that time. UM AD Blake James has said a practice bubble or indoor facility is a long-term goal."

Canes Watch. Remember when FSU missed almost every practice before the 2007 Clemson game? And how bad the team looked in that opening game? An indoor practice facility is a big deal in an age in which teams, by rule, must leave the practice fields when lightning is within some huge radius.

George Campbell news for FSU fans?


With it looking like Tarpon Springs (Fla.) East Lake 5-star athlete George Campbell will be making a decision sooner rather than later, an interesting note happened today.

Ryan Bass, who works for Brighthouse Sports (the network that does the interview announcements for many of the Tampa-area kids), picked him to go to Florida State on 247 this morning. Given his access to Campbell, Bass' pick is something to pay attention to. Of course, he was also wrong on Ray Ray McCloud (picked UF over Clemson).

Bjoern has good start at Colts camp


Bjoern Werner had himself a very nice day as well. Seeing increased snaps because of Robert Mathis's impending suspension, Werner had a couple of passes batted at the line of scrimmage that ended in two pick-sixes for the defense. On the first, Werner batted Luck's pass at the line and then picked it off before lateraling to D'Qwell Jackson for the score. On the other, he batted a Matt Hasslebeck pass to Cory Redding, who took it to the end zone to score. Interestingly, it seemed like Werner was often playing with his hand in the ground at essentially a defensive end position. I wonder if that's why Werner showed such good burst, pass deflecting skills, and good pass rush overall? Either way, Werner had a good day and whatever the Colts were doing with Werner today looked like it was working - something to keep watching.

Rick Trickett on cross-training players


And the level of their instruction matches their intelligence, especially if they have a coach like Trickett. He makes players flip positions for a few days to rejuvenate them. "Those tackles do not like going back in to guard, I can promise you that," Trickett says. "They think they have their stuff down. They go inside and they say, ‘Stuff happens a lot faster.’ Well, no s—. Try playing center. They like it outside. Of course they do. Any moron can play tackle. It’s all man on man out there. How complicated is that?"

Rick Trickett on why he cross-trains his offensive linemen. It helps with their understanding.

Oklahoma State DC Glenn Spencer on Jameis Winston


Spencer already is stressed about dealing with Winston. "That's no fun when you look at a ton of film all summer and you're not getting any answers," Spencer said Wednesday. Spencer said Winston has Andrew Luck's size, Robert Griffin III's ability to escape the rush and Colt McCoy's leadership skills. "He has all the talent in the world," Spencer said. "He's so big. He doesn't get shook. He can take a hit in the backfield. He's not running around trying to avoid. He doesn't make bad decisions."

Associated Press

2 University of Miami Players Arrested, Dismissed For Admitting Sexual Assault


Two University of Miami football players were arrested and charged with sexual battery Tuesday morning after admitting to Coral Gables police they got a 17-year old girl intoxicated and then raped her on campus over the holiday weekend.

Read more here:

Jameis Winston Day


Jameis Winston Day is set for July 5th in Hueytown. The former Hueytown student will receive a key to the city. Signs will be installed around the stadium in honor of Winston, and sometime down the road his jersey number will be retired. What do you think about this?

Alabama Tonight FB Page

Jameis Winston's dad says two more years


"We want Jameis to succeed with one more year in baseball and two more years in football," he said. "We've never strayed from our plan that he is going to be in college until he gets that degree."

Urban Meyer thinks '08 Gator team that lost at home to Ole Miss is best CFB team ever


"I know some of you won state championships," he said. "I've been a part of a couple great teams, I think the best team that's ever played the game in '08. That was animal instincts taking over on the field. They protected each other."

Good for a few laughs.

Media respects Florida State's schedule


This year's 'Noles, on the other hand, will almost certainly make the playoff field as a 12-1 ACC champion, especially given the caliber of opponents on their schedule (Oklahoma State, Notre Dame, Clemson, Louisville, Miami and Florida).

Mandel at Sports Illustrated
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