2 University of Miami Players Arrested, Dismissed For Admitting Sexual Assault


Two University of Miami football players were arrested and charged with sexual battery Tuesday morning after admitting to Coral Gables police they got a 17-year old girl intoxicated and then raped her on campus over the holiday weekend.

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Jameis Winston Day


Jameis Winston Day is set for July 5th in Hueytown. The former Hueytown student will receive a key to the city. Signs will be installed around the stadium in honor of Winston, and sometime down the road his jersey number will be retired. What do you think about this?

Alabama Tonight FB Page

Jameis Winston's dad says two more years


"We want Jameis to succeed with one more year in baseball and two more years in football," he said. "We've never strayed from our plan that he is going to be in college until he gets that degree."

Urban Meyer thinks '08 Gator team that lost at home to Ole Miss is best CFB team ever


"I know some of you won state championships," he said. "I've been a part of a couple great teams, I think the best team that's ever played the game in '08. That was animal instincts taking over on the field. They protected each other."

Good for a few laughs.

Media respects Florida State's schedule


This year's 'Noles, on the other hand, will almost certainly make the playoff field as a 12-1 ACC champion, especially given the caliber of opponents on their schedule (Oklahoma State, Notre Dame, Clemson, Louisville, Miami and Florida).

Mandel at Sports Illustrated

Audio: Discussion of the NYT article


Jeff Cameron Hour 1 | Hour 2 & Seminole Headlines Hour 1 | Hour 2

Very good discussion there. About three hours in all from Jeff Cameron, Ira Schoffel and Corey Clark.

Seminole tribe not behind new FSU logo?


"The changes are very minor and the primary thing people will see is consistency in the garnet," Florida State vice president for university relations Liz Maryanski said. "If you go into a sports store and look across the store, you’ll see as many shades of garnet as there are T-shirts, and we’re trying to get consistency in our colors." "The school was behind the changes and they submitted it to the Tribe for approval," Bitner said. "It’s the relationship they have and the respect [Florida State] has for the Tribe that they wanted to reach out to the Tribe."

This is contrary to the report from Garnet and Great.

Trickett on a couple of his linemen


On Roderick Johnson: He said he’s looking forward to coming down here and having lots of fun with me. I didn’t want to break the news to him. On Chad Mavety: I waited until the papers got in and then I called him and told him he had to get a damn haircut.,0,



James Willis not the next LB coach?

Chad Washington of the Daily Advertiser in Lafayette, La., is reporting that James Willis will turn down the FSU LB coaching job and remain the DC at Louisiana Lafayette. A strong source told Tomahawk Nation Wednesday night that he would be the next linebackers coach.

FSU Recruiting Weekend Chat


Weekend recruiting comment section

Recruiting updates can be found here To keep the update thread friendly to mobile users, the comments have been shut down and any commenting may be done here.

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