Justin Shanks surgery


Reserve red-shirt sophomore defensive tackle Justin Shanks posted on his instagram that he was having shoulder surgery Thursday. Shanks is potentially an important reserve on the 2014 Seminoles squad that lost three important players at the position, including Timmy Jernigan.

Pruitt is Gone


Jeremy Pruitt has left for Georgia

Tallahassee Democrat

Anyone else had plans for Pasadena ruined by arctic wall of ice?


I'm having a pity party, anyone in the same boat? ...stranded in NY. :'( I'm a student and planned and planned and I can't believe I won't even be able to get back to Tallahassee, let alone my original flight to the west coast. Even the auburn fan lady felt bad for me.

I'm Calling It!


Karlos Williams will rush for 35 TDs next season.

@Bob Elliot@

1996 Déjà Vu


What are the chances this year's BCS could end up like 1996? FSU had just beat Florida in Doak Campbell to end the season undefeated and was heading to the Sugar Bowl. The opponent would be Nebraska once they dispatched an average Texas team in the first ever Big 12 Championship game. Unfortunately Texas didn't cooperate and this allowed Florida to back into the Sugar Bowl. This year we have an undefeated Alabama that still has to face Auburn and either Missouri or South Carolina in the SEC Championship. A loss opens the door for an undefeated Ohio State team. However what happens if Ohio State loses to Michigan or Michigan State? All of a sudden a once beaten Clemson in back in the hunt. Great for the ACC but FSU ends up playing a rematch. Does the BCS correct the mistake of the old Bowl Alliance and prevent a rematch or will FSU have to beat Clemson twice in the same season?

Your thoughts?

Miami receiver is one sharp dude...


Phillip Dorsett is 20 years old, but in Miami years, that makes him a grizzled veteran. He speaks authoritatively when he says, "I’ve seen this team do a complete 360."

Four Star TE Ryan Izzo Commits to FSU


Excited to announce that I will be committing to Florida State

(IzzoRyan) on twitter



I don't want to overreact, but he's going to be the best player ever

Mike Greenberg on "Mike & Mike" about Jameis Winston, while discussing recent Jimbo Fisher FSU QBs.

Winston's notebook


He [Winston's dad] checks the car and the attic and eventually finds it, and the thing has weathered the rigors of academia. The pages, blanketed in unsharpened pencil and gripping to perforation, offer a glimpse into the mind of a young Jameis Winston. Each sheet in the notebook presents a defensive look - Cover 2, Cover 3, Cover 4, man. The coverage is diagrammed. He lists the defense's intentions and step-by-step directions to make the read pre-snap. Under that, a bulleted list of the best routes to beat the coverage followed by notes on what body part he should aim for on the receiver's body given the defender's assignment. Page 5 is signed Jameis Winston, Hueytown Middle School.

Trey Pettis to transfer


Trey Pettis has asked for his release, per Laurel Phalfer of Treasure Coast Prep Zone.

Pettis was a red-shirt sophomore offensive lineman. He was grossly overweight and program insiders wonder if he was playing football to please his dad, a high school coach, and not for himself. Pettis was not expected to contribute, and was at best a third-string lineman.

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