Four Star TE Ryan Izzo Commits to FSU


Excited to announce that I will be committing to Florida State

(IzzoRyan) on twitter



I don't want to overreact, but he's going to be the best player ever

Mike Greenberg on "Mike & Mike" about Jameis Winston, while discussing recent Jimbo Fisher FSU QBs.

Winston's notebook


He [Winston's dad] checks the car and the attic and eventually finds it, and the thing has weathered the rigors of academia. The pages, blanketed in unsharpened pencil and gripping to perforation, offer a glimpse into the mind of a young Jameis Winston. Each sheet in the notebook presents a defensive look - Cover 2, Cover 3, Cover 4, man. The coverage is diagrammed. He lists the defense's intentions and step-by-step directions to make the read pre-snap. Under that, a bulleted list of the best routes to beat the coverage followed by notes on what body part he should aim for on the receiver's body given the defender's assignment. Page 5 is signed Jameis Winston, Hueytown Middle School.

Trey Pettis to transfer


Trey Pettis has asked for his release, per Laurel Phalfer of Treasure Coast Prep Zone.

Pettis was a red-shirt sophomore offensive lineman. He was grossly overweight and program insiders wonder if he was playing football to please his dad, a high school coach, and not for himself. Pettis was not expected to contribute, and was at best a third-string lineman.

ESPN shooting self in foot


Effective July 17, ESPN will be transitioning all conversations to Facebook comments. At that time a Facebook account will be required to post comments on new articles. Previous comments and conversations will be closed to comment but can still be viewed.

New commitment?


Will Florida State land a commitment from 6'3, 310-pound lineman Jeremy Paterson today? Perhaps. I watched him tell Rick Trickett that he was coming at the FSU lineman camp, but he had not yet spoken with Jimbo Fisher. He then went on his way to do so. About five minutes later, I asked him if he was going to do so, and he said he wasn't sure, and that he might wait to pull the trigger at school. Patterson also holds offers from Florida, Clemson, UNC and N.C State.

Greg Dent Arrested **Updated 9:10 a.m.**

Go here for current details Update: Dent's bond is $15,000. Senior wide receiver Greg Dent was arrested Sunday on a charge of sexual assault under Florida Statute 794.011 5. The statute reads: A person who commits sexual battery upon a person 12 years of age or older, without that person's consent, and in the process thereof does not use physical force and violence likely to cause serious personal injury commits a felony of the second degree Dent will make his first appearance Monday morning, at which time the State's Attorney will decide whether to prosecute the case. A bond will also be set Monday morning. Florida State's policy is to suspend any student athlete charged with a felony until the case has been adjudicated. All suspects are presumed innocent until proven guilty. In 2012, Dent had 27 catches, 355 receiving yards and two touchdowns. He started four games. Out of respect for both the alleged victim and for Dent, who has not been convicted, please avoid wild speculation in the comments section.

Barron saying the right things.


Football scheduling: After fielding complaints from fans and hearing concerns about lagging ticket revenue from Seminole Boosters, he encouraged the department to stop scheduling smaller schools and bring in more high-profile opponents;

FSU declines to extend Fisher to 5 years


"Everything I’ve looked at," Barron said, "coaches don’t get their contracts extended automatically every year when they have a five-year contract. It didn’t matter whether I looked at the SEC or the ACC."

Fisher's contract stays at four years. This is a smart move by Florida State. Fisher really has no leverage here. There are no programs at which Fisher would be a fit (read: SEC) that are likely to come open after the 2013 season. One of the benefits of coaching at Florida State is job security, as seasons with six or seven losses that lead to a firing are improbable given the ACC slate. The tradeoff is that the per-year dollars might not be quite as good as elsewhere. Additionally, extending Fisher after he produced FSU's best season in a decade isn't great negotiating. 2013 projects as a step back, and extending him to five years after the 2013 season could present an opportunity to capture value for Florida State.

Famous Jameis


He seems to be a reincarnation of the great Charlie Ward...dare I say it... but all early indicators are pointing toward that line of thinking...he's quickly proving to be a stud in both the Gridiron and the Diamond...Thoughts anyone?

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