Florida State football film review: Pitt 1st quarter

Every week we break down the result of the previous game. Who really played well for the Seminoles against Pitt? Read to find out.

Note: there are certain schematic and tendency things we do not discuss in these reviews out of respect for our sources, the school and coaching staff.

Down/Distance Formation Result Comment
(15:00) Roberto Aguayo kicked the ball for 60 yards. Lafayette Pitts returned the kick for 15 yards.
1-10-PITT20 3-4 (14:53) Isaac Bennett lost 1 yard. Pitt inside zone, Goldman and Jernigan doubled, nobody blocks Telvin Smith. Smith quickly into backfield for tackle
2-11-PITT19 3-4 (14:20) Isaac Bennett rushed for 1 yard. Inside zone again, Nile Lawrence-Stample fights across face to squeeze cutback. Good job of staying low and reacting quickly.
3-10-PITT20 4-1-6 (13:43) Tom Savage passed to Devin Street for 31 yards. Lamarcus Joyner lost his helmet on the previous play, so he had to come out. Gerald Demps was the nearest defender to Pruitt (H/t: Josh Newberg), so he was sent in. And beaten, though not badly. Looks like FSU is in Cover-2 Man. Tyler Hunter rushes in out of control and doesn't make the tackle, allowing more yards. Karlos Williams also misses the tackle.
1-10-FSU49 4-3 (13:10) Tyler Boyd rushed for 18 yards. Jet sweep. Tyler Hunter is in the correct position to play the force and turn the runner back inside, but gets pancaked. Ugly.
1-10-FSU31 3-4 (12:42) Isaac Bennett rushed for 1 yard. FSU playing an 8 man front on 1st down. Inside zone. Timmy Jernigan tosses aside the center and occupies a guard, allowing linebackers to penetrate unblocked.
2-9-FSU30 3-4 (12:05) Isaac Bennett rushed for 10 yards. Pitt motions a receiver in close to the formation and FSU does not adjust. Pitt has a major numbers advantage at the point of attack and the result is a big gain.
1-10-FSU20 3-4 (11:36) Tom Savage passed incomplete. Not sure FSU is aligned correctly vs. the run here, but Pitt runs a play action boot. Demarcus Walker reads it and closes with the QB in a hurry extremely close to a sack. He's real fast.
2-10-FSU20 3-4 (11:30) Tom Savage passed to Devin Street for 16 yards. Pitt is in 11 personnel here and Dan Hicks is initially lined up over Devin Street in the slot, a less than ideal matchup for the Noles. Hicks then shows blitz, leaving Street manned up on Hunter, who is 10 yards off the line of scrimmage. Savage reads it and checks to a slant. FSU needs to disguise its intentions better.
1-0-FSU4 3-4 (10:50) Touchdown. Tom Savage passed to Manasseh Garner for 4 yards. Brooks reads the flat route perfectly, but is a little out of control and can't make the tackle when the back turns inside.
FSU 0   PITT 7,   Plays: 9   Yards: 80   Possession: 04:10. FSU doesn't look ready right now. About the only thing they look prepared for are the inside zone runs.
1-1-PITT35 (10:50) Chris Blewitt kicked the ball for 64 yards. Lamarcus Joyner returned the kick for 13 yards. Reggie Northrup recovered a fumble from Lamarcus Joyner and returned it for 0 yards. Near disaster. Got to tighten up.
1-10-FSU14 01 gun (10:44) Jameis Winston passed to Kelvin Benjamin for 13 yards. FSU opens up in 11 personnel, then shifts to an empty look, with Devonta Freeman splitting out wide. Quick under route to Kelvin vs. a slot blitz.
1-10-FSU27 11 pistol (10:30) Jameis Winston passed to Kenny Shaw for 20 yards. FSU seems to want to go no huddle whenever they are in 11 personnel and Pitt has 3 linebackers on the field. Playaction gets a hard bite from the backers and Kenny Shaw is wide open on the over route. Putting Jameis on the edge and giving him a run/pass option.
1-10-FSU47 01 gun (9:55) Jameis Winston rushed for 6 yards. 11 personnel with the back split out again. Showing a ton of different looks with the same personnel. In this case they spread the defense out with a 2 receiver stack to each side of the formation, then run QB power up the middle. Getting Jameis hit early. Jimbo is checking off all the "Get your QB comfortable" boxes and getting chunks of yards at the same time.
2-4-PITT47 21 gun (9:05) Devonta Freeman rushed for 3 yards. With Coker coming in cold, this was always going to be a run. Pitt has 8 in the box and a major blitz on. Pretty decent yardage all things considered.
3-1-PITT44 11 gun (8:20) Jameis Winston passed to Kelvin Benjamin for a loss of 1 yard. Jet sweep. Bobby Hart appears to block the wrong guy, leaving an unblocked defender. Not sure this play is going anywhere anyway. Curious call.
4-2-PITT45 (7:36) Cason Beatty punted for 36 yards. K'Waun Williams made a faircatch.
1-10-PITT9 3-4 (7:28) James Conner rushed for 9 yards. FSU is aligning its defense to the passing strength of the formation, leaving the safety to the side with multiple TEs deep and putting the weak safety in the box. This is creating a numbers advantage for the offense in the run game. Power to that side goes for a big gain.
2-1-PITT18 3-4 (6:53) James Conner rushed for 9 yards. Again, Pitt has a numbers advantage at the point of attack. FSU is playing 8 in the box, but Pitt is using unbalanced formations to get an advantage to one side or the other.
1-10-PITT27 3-4 (6:21) Tom Savage passed incomplete to Devin Street. Pitt uses a rub concept to try and get Street free on a go route. He has half a step on Tyler Hunter but Savage can't get him the ball. Probably should have hit the fullback who is all alone in the flat.
2-10-PITT27 3-3-5 (6:13) Isaac Bennett rushed for 4 yards. FSU subs in an extra DB vs Pitt's 11 personnel and they decide to test it with a power run from gun. Nobody blocks Christian Jones and he makes the play.
3-6-PITT31 3-2-6 (5:36) Tom Savage passed to Manasseh Garner for 7 yards. FSU rushes 5 and gets excellent pressure, but Savage beats it with a throw. Karlos Williams allows the tight end to eat up his cushion too fast and has no room to react to the break.
1-10-PITT38 3-4 (5:05) Tom Savage was intercepted. Jalen Ramsey returned the interception for 31 yards. This is a great play all the way around. FSU adjusts to the motion properly by dropping a safety into the box when the receiver motions close the formation. It's only a two man route and both receivers are blanketed. Nile Lawrence-Stample puts on a monster rush and occupies two blockers, leaving Telvin unblocked to the QB. Pressure forces a bad throw which is then picked off by Ramsey. They look like a Bama defense on this play.
1-10-PITT24 21 (4:54) Devonta Freeman rushed for no gain. Cam Erving allows massive penetration on the OZ play. Chad Abrams doesn't appear to know where he's going. Ugly.
2-10-PITT24 21 gun (4:11) Touchdown. Jameis Winston passed to Nick O'Leary for 24 yards. The route by O'Leary and Winston's throw have already been analyzed to death. What you may not have noticed is that Pitt has a massive blitz on. They rushed 7 guys on this play. The anticipation, the read, the subtle move in the pocket are all tremendous. Great route by O'Leary...that's actually one of Pitt's starting CBs he shakes on that route.
FSU 7   PITT 7,   Plays: 2   Yards: 11   Possession: 00:54.
(4:11) PITT was penalized 15 yards.
(4:11) Roberto Aguayo kicked the ball for 50 yards. Touchback
1-10-PITT25 4-2-5 (4:11) Isaac Bennett rushed for 3 yards. Dive play with orbit motion. Pitt gets ZERO movement on the line. Pitt's backs do a good job of always falling forward even when hit at the line.
2-7-PITT28 4-2-5 (3:30) Rachid Ibrahim rushed for no gain. FSU is clearly expecting pass here as they are in nickel against 21 personnel and have a blitz on from Joyner in the slot. Demonte McAllister completely blows by the Pitt OL and makes the play in the backfield.
3-7-PITT28 3-3-5? (2:55) Tom Savage passed incomplete to Devin Street. Can't make out the number but someone comes free off the edge on the blitz and forces the wild throw.
4-7-PITT28 (2:48) Matt Yoklic punted for 53 yards. Kenny Shaw made a faircatch. First 3 and out of the year.
1-10-FSU19 11 (2:40) James Wilder rushed for 4 yards. Motion across the formation gets the backers flowing, then hit IZ the other direction. There's not much of a crease, but Wilder plows over some guys for a positive play.
2-6-FSU23 11 pistol (2:10) Jameis Winston passed to Kenny Shaw for 11 yards. This is a packaged play consisting of a dive and a bubble screen. With the slot defender showing blitz, the defense is outleveraged by the bubble.
1-10-FSU34 21 (1:49) Jameis Winston passed to Kelvin Benjamin for 14 yards. FSU starts out in a bunch formation with base personnel, then motions the fullback into an offset I alignment, all of which screams run. Then runs some variation of a snag concept and hits Benjamin on the snag route. Good disguise.
1-10-FSU48 20 gun (1:25) Jameis Winston rushed for 9 yards. Kelvin breaks open for a TD on the post and there are a few tenths of a second where Jameis could have made the throw, but I do not have a problem with pulling it down and scrambling for positive yards here. The risk of getting hit as he threw and serving up a wounded duck into the middle of the field was high.
2-1-PITT43 21 (0:42) James Wilder rushed for 3 yards. IZ. Tre Jackson allows a little bit of penetration but this is a pretty solid short yardage run.

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