Florida State football, recruiting news 5/23

Double digits! We're just 99 days away from kickoff in Arlington for Florida State v. Oklahoma State. 

-Jimbo Fisher gave a pep talk to the FSU softball team. Here are the highlights, including this great one that is getting a lot of press.

“I don’t want to be in the SEC and win a championship, I want to be in the ACC and win one,” Fisher said. “I wanted to break that mold. We were begging to play an SEC team and we were hoping it was Alabama.”

Unfortunately, FSU was crushed by Michigan last night

-5dimes Casino releases some over/under win totals Thursday for the college football season. Florida State was not included, but several opponents were. As always, regular 12-game seasons only. 

Clemson: 9.5 (Over -150, Under -190)

Florida: 7.5 (Over +110, Under -150)

Miami: 7.5 (Over -160, Under +120)

Notre Dame: 9.5 (Over +110, Under -150)

Possible ACC Championship Game Opponents:

Duke: 8.5 (Over +120, Under -160)

North Carolina: 7.5 (Over -140, Under +100)

Virginia Tech: 7.5 (Over -150, Under +110)

Thoughts? Will Miami and Florida go 14-10, 15-9, 16-8? Worse? Better? 

-So, um, the ACC has been crushed by teams making up the current other four power conferences (and Notre Dame) over the last five years (ESPN, David Hale). No team has a winning record in that time (FSU is 3-4). Why is this relevant? Because ACC teams are now required to schedule a non-conference game against a member of a power-5 conference. Two things here: 1) I've long said the ACC schedules like idiots and tries to punch way above its weight class, often in exchange for a check, and 2) FSU looks pretty bad whenever you include 2009 records in any small sample set deal. 


-I covered FSU's recruiting outlook on Tuesday and this still holds

-I don't think Florida State will get any real traction with four-star Arkansas tight end Will Gragg, but getting him on an official visit, as he plans to do, is the first step in possibly making a move. 

-FSU's coaches checked out Abdul Bello (four-star OT who does not plan to commit until after his senior season), St. Thomas Aquinas (a ton of targets including RB Jordan Scarlett, who I scouted yesterday) and several schools in Tampa

-Here's new FSU commitment A.J. Westbrook wondering if he committed too early. I'll be speaking with him soon, but he messaged me that he is worried that committing this early might foreclose some other opportunities for him (official visits, perhaps? I'm not sure). 

-Miami's recruiting is not going all that well, but it's not terrible, either. 

-For those asking about American Heritage's Torrance Gibson, Rivals and 247sports joined ESPN and myself in saying he's an athlete and not a quarterback. Though I have no doubt that he wants to play QB, and that he'll probably go to a system that will run him into the ground without developing him (hey Buckeyes, Auburn, Tennessee, etc.). Gibson was also suspended from school recently.  He's not an option at QB for FSU. 

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