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2014 BCS National Championship Trailer -- Florida State vs. Auburn


Great promo video for the National Championship game. Made by a recent FSU grad who's working in sports journalism. This will definitely get you pumped up for the game.

John Swofford Comments on BCS Meetings


ESPN video of Swofford on discussions at BCS meetings.

College Football Postseason Options


Change to college football's post-season is on the way. Steve Wieberg's USA Today story details the post-season proposals now on the table for BCS officials. No idea has been ruled out, but the focus now is on four options for determining a national champion with two involving a four-team playoff. Also interesting are proposals that deal with the next level of top teams. The next 6-16 top teams after the top 4 could be placed in bowl matchups by ranking/seeding to create 'the most evenly matched and attractive games that make geographic sense for the participants.' The proposals aim to strengthen field play as a factor in qualifying for bowl appearances with less emphasis on tourism factors.


FSU BCS Prospects

So to kill 30 minutes at work, some of us got into a discussion as to how, as of today (October 5th, 2011)'s USATODAY rankings and standings, the BCS bowl selection process would play itself out. ...

The man behind the BCS curtain


Really good behind the scenes look at the BCS: There is no towering corporate office. Its notorious computers aren’t located in some guarded, all-white room in Langley, Virginia. In fact, according to executive director Bill Hancock, for all its control over big-time college football, it’s hard to even call the BCS a governing body. "Some people think we’re this evil corporation in charge of college football," he says, "but that’s just not the case." Despite its cultural impact, the BCS is tiny. It staffs just three people: Hancock and two part-time office assistants. And it’s headquartered out of the director’s suburban Kansas City home. "I don’t give out my address," he says with a laugh, "because I don’t want someone egging my house."

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