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Christian Ponder Watch: Ponder Impresses in Start vs Panthers


Carolina missed a potential game-tying field goal attempt with less than a minute left to give the Vikings a win, but Christian Ponder is getting credit for driving the team down the field late in the fourth quarter to set up the game-winning FG. The Star-Tribune's Jim Souhan is saying that what's impressing Vikings coaches most is his poise and clutch passing. The Detroit Free Press says that Ponder looked better than Cam Newton on Sunday. Christian has clearly found a favorite target in Adrian Peterson, whose receiving yards for the season more than doubled on Sunday. Going forward, Ponder must look to improve the production of his TEs, particularly Visanthe Shiancoe, who is in the final year of his contract and has been criminally underutilized in the first half of the season.

Ponder "Gets it"


Noticed this on SI (Banks). Here's an excerpt: "With McNabb in house, who knows how long it'll take for the Vikings to fully launch their Christian Ponder era, but the rookie quarterback from Florida State has made a favorable early impression on almost everyone around here. He certainly looks, acts and sounds like a franchise quarterback, and Frazier told me he believes having those traits is an important component of the leadership half of the job. Now if the kid can play, the Vikings will really have something special on their hands. It's too early to know that at the NFL level, but people who have watched him in Minnesota so far say Ponder 'gets it,' and will do the work necessary to give himself the best possible chance to succeed."

Ponder Changes Throwing Motion


Of interest to new Viking fans and FSU-only fans alike. Chris Weinke is reported to be working with Ponder to fine tune his throwing motion "to reduce some arm problems he had in his final two seasons at Florida State." Ponder said, "Actually me and Chris have done some things – he’s fixed some things in my mechanics and I’m throwing the ball extremely well." >>> Is Ponder just being kind, or is there a potential link between Ponder's throwing motion at FSU and his arm trouble? Also, it's looking more like Ponder could be seeing some serious playing time this season.

10th Annual Herbie Awards - Seminole mentions


Christian Ponder - "Quarterbacks: Pocket Presence" Greg Reid - "Remember Me: Beat the Bandwagon" Rodney Hudson - "All Herbie Team" Lamarcus Joiner - "Top True Freshmen" Nice to see Lamarcus getting mentioned. What do you think of the rest?

8-Minute ESPN Radio Interview with Jimbo


Go halfway down the page. The middle column has a "Radio" box. Jimbo's interview is the second interview under Beano Cook's interview (about the Arkansas radio announcer that lost her job for wearing a UF hat). Jimbo talks Ponder, the loss of McCray and Fortson, JaMarcus Russell, the early Oklahoma game.

Truenole's 2010 Position Outlook: Quarterbacks


Here's my outlook on the QB's. I think we'll be pretty good at this position. Call it a hunch. I included video of EJ because well, Ponder gets his fair shine. Remember, EJ was playing much injured in 2009 as well. This was unknown by fans at the time.

Shoulder injury keeps Ponder out of the NFL --- for now

Ponder was asked Monday how seriously he was thinking about entering the draft. "It really depended on what I heard after the season," he said. "I definitely would have weighed my options." What would he have needed to hear to go pro? "Probably first round," Ponder said -also- He finished the year third in the country in total offense. . Click here to read the rest of the story.

Ponder this: Can a QB have a 'great' season for a losing team?


Corey Clark discusses Christian Ponders dilemma, with comments such as; "But the person I truly feel bad for, and I know I’m not alone in this opinion, is junior quarterback Christian Ponder. Because the kid has been really, really good all year. And yet all he has to show for it is a 2-4 record." And, "Even though he hasn’t had one bad performance all season. I’d go so far as to say Ponder has been the best quarterback in the state of Florida this year (Miami’s Jacory Harris has had some great games but he also was abysmal in their lone loss at Virginia Tech and His Holiness has been very pedestrian in the No. 1 Gators’ undefeated start – averaging just 170 passing yards per game) and one of the top QBs in the United States." And, "Fisher spoke glowingly of Ponder for maybe five minutes straight (I can’t quote him because it was "off-the-record," but trust me, the offensive coordinator thinks quite, quite highly of his QB). He talked about all the throws he made, all the checks he made, his toughness, his leadership, his attitude." And finally, "Because I am of the opinion that Christian Ponder is the best quarterback of the Bobby Bowden Era whose last name doesn’t start with "W" --- and no, in this case I’m not talking about Drew Weatherford. I think if Ponder would have played in the 1990s, he would be revered as one of the school’s all-time greats. Now, sadly, he might be remembered as the second starting quarterback in 33 years to have a losing season at Florida State. Yes, most fans would agree Ponder has been the brightest spot in a pitch-black 2009. But that’s sort of like being the world’s tallest dwarf. At the end of the day you’re still short." Click on the link to read the full story.

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