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Welcome to the TLC Double C

Most of you should know that you don’t just waltz into the TLC Double C and expect to get a win. As Florida State Seminoles basketball attendance and fan enthusiasm rise to unprecedented levels,...

ESPN's Washington Wizard's TrueHoop Site 'Truth About It' Feature on Solomon Alabi


Solomon Alabi recently worked out with the Washington Wizards and 'Truth About It' put together a really nice feature piece about him that includes videos and interviews from the work out. As today is Draft Day, it's a really nice read. Where do you see Solomon going tonight? Draft coverage begins at 7pm EST.

SBNation's Atlantic Coast Conference Men's Basketball Tournament Preview


Sports Blog Nation Atlantic Coast Conference Preview.


Preview and Game Thread: Florida State Seminoles vs Ohio St. Buckeyes, 9:30pm EST

Florida State looks to complete the Conference Trifecta tonight against Ohio State.

Man to Man Defense: The Key to the Defensive Success of the Florida State Seminoles Men's Basketball Team


Tomahawk Nation's look at man to man defense. Who will be the shut down defender for the Florida State Seminoles this year?


TC's Basketball Pre-Season Reading List

October 16th is just around the corner. That means one thing: College Basketball season is upon us. Hang on for the ride because this one is going to be interesting, especially in the ACC where...

Can Luke Loucks Fill the Leadership Vacancy on the Young Seminoles Basketball Squad? A Four Factors Evaluation


Can Luke Loucks fill the much needed leadership role on the young Seminoles squad? While the numbers don't prove the argument, the complement of skills and natural leadership does.

Solomon Alabi: Four Factors Evaluation


Is Solmon Alabi the real deal? A tempo-free stats analysis from Tomahawk Nation.

Seminoles Make Dick Vitale's Pre-Season Top 25


The hype has already started and it looks like the Seminoles will be under the microscope this year. With the foundation of Solomon Alabi, expectations are high for the young FSU squad. However, with one year of experience under this young core's belt, expectations should be high. Who is in your top 25?

Looking Ahead: The 2009 ACC Basketball Recruiting Classes (Part 1)


An In-Depth look at the 2009 ACC Basketball Recruiting Classes. Part 1 of a 2 part series from Tomahawk Nation.

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