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Notre Dame to ACC: Short Term Win, Long Term Disaster?


On Wednesday, September 12, 2012 the University of Notre Dame officially became a member of the Atlantic Coast Conference. All of Notre Dame’s athletic programs, except for football, will fully compete in the ACC. Starting in 2013, all other ACC football programs will play 9 conference games each year, while Notre Dame’s football program will compete in only 5. This special arrangement allows the Fighting Irish to keep their football independence, while initiating a severely impactful culture change in the ACC. A culture of concessions and special treatment for Notre Dame will negatively impact many future situations the conference will encounter. This type of culture will weaken the ACC in the long run.

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Sorry For All the Football from Fox Sports 1


Do you dream of bathing in an unending wave of college football goodness? Do you ever feel like you just see too much of your girlfriend, the sun or your Jack Russell, Bo?  If so, do we have...

Seminole Sand Volleyball: Undefeated in First-Ever Regular Season


Florida State's first-ever sand volleyball team have made history by finishing their inaugural season 15-0 in dual matches. One event remains for the Seminoles: the first-ever Collegiate Sand Volleyball National Championships in Alabama next weekend. Here's wishing the Garnet and Gold the best as they seek to mine one more bit of gold from the sand. Story with Video Twitter News Feed

'Will the state of Florida rise again?' Adelson interviews Fisher


ESPN's Andrea Adelson provides a Q&A with Florida State head coach Jimbo Fisher. 'The pressure people put on me isn’t close to the pressure I put on myself.' In a related feature Adelson discusses the Sunshine State's Big Three. She again offers comments by the Seminoles' head coach. "Consistency in head coaching and staffs," Florida State coach Jimbo Fisher said when asked the single-biggest reason the three rose at once. "Miami had the most rotation, but Steve and Bobby were here forever, and their staffs very rarely changed, just a guy or two every blue moon. They got ahead and got that momentum. … It's a matter of teams establishing winning and keeping the local players home." http://espn.go.com/college-football/story/_/id/7783894/will-miami-hurricanes-florida-gators-florida-state-seminoles-rise-again

Expansion to 14 pays off for ACC Schools


Florida State and other member schools of the ACC will see an annual revenue increase from ESPN to around $15 million per year as a result of the league's addition of Syracuse and Pittsburgh. -Sports Business Daily

ACC Presidents Considering Raising Buyout Cost To Leave Conference


"League presidents are scheduled to discuss the topic early next week at their annual September meetings, but it is not the first time the topic has been discussed by the group, nor has the meeting been scheduled specifically to address expansion. The current buyout for an ACC team to leave the conference, according to both sources, is between $10 million to $13 million."

Why Chris Singleton may have been the steal of the NBA draft


Florida State F Chris Singleton dropped a lot farther than most experts had him going in Thursday night's NBA Draft. But dropping all the way to the Washington Wizards at #18, Singleton may have just been the steal of the draft!

Draft Debate - Chris Singleton vs. Jordan Hamilton


Will Chris Singleton or Jordan Hamilton be the better pro?: http://t.co/ivc6RmD - FSU or Texas, who you got?

Tailback trio piling up big yards at Florida State


Nice article by Rivals about the Noles' three-headed rushing attack and their maturation into one of the nation's most potent backfields.

FSU Athletics Posting Video Series about Bill Peterson Era


Part 1 is up now. Parts 2 and 3 will follow shortly. FSU is releasing this video to honor the 50th anniversary of the start of Bill Peterson's tenure at FSU. 2010 would also have marked Bobby Bowden's 35th season at FSU had he stayed, but with Bowden's remarks on recent press tour, where he has repeatedly portrayed FSU in a negative light both in print and on national TV, it appears that FSU has decided to honor its other great coach. Mentioned in the video: A) Peterson getting FSU's first home and away wins over the Gators. 2) Bowden quoted as learning from Coach Peterson while an assistant at FSU. D) An interview with NFL and Peterson-era QB Gary Huff speaking about how advanced his system was. All extremely classy stuff and very well done with great interviews, archival footage, and high production values. The big takeaway here is that FSU is proud to honor its great football tradition and the legacy of all its winning coaches. FSU has definitely taken the high road out of the Bowden era. Much more so than Bowden himself.

Florida State vs. BYU Game Preview


The Brigham Young Cougars and the Florida State Seminoles face off Saturday in a game where each team is looking to bounce back from ugly, early season losses. (NOTE: This is from a BYU perspective.)

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