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Seminole Sand Volleyball: Undefeated in First-Ever Regular Season


Florida State's first-ever sand volleyball team have made history by finishing their inaugural season 15-0 in dual matches. One event remains for the Seminoles: the first-ever Collegiate Sand Volleyball National Championships in Alabama next weekend. Here's wishing the Garnet and Gold the best as they seek to mine one more bit of gold from the sand. Story with Video Twitter News Feed

College Football Postseason Options


Change to college football's post-season is on the way. Steve Wieberg's USA Today story details the post-season proposals now on the table for BCS officials. No idea has been ruled out, but the focus now is on four options for determining a national champion with two involving a four-team playoff. Also interesting are proposals that deal with the next level of top teams. The next 6-16 top teams after the top 4 could be placed in bowl matchups by ranking/seeding to create 'the most evenly matched and attractive games that make geographic sense for the participants.' The proposals aim to strengthen field play as a factor in qualifying for bowl appearances with less emphasis on tourism factors.

Here's the thing about the plucky, upstart schools clambering up the ladder of college football's...


Here's the thing about the plucky, upstart schools clambering up the ladder of college football's highest echelon: Their time has come. That is, it's time to peel back their fingers and let them fall. The nation's poorer programs need to drop down because they drain money from their schools, keep bigger programs from reforming rules and often limp along academically—all while having no real shot at winning it all.

Enough Already With the Little Guy in College Football The Wall Street Journal's Rachel Bachman calls on the NCAA to do the same thing they did back in the late 1970s: separate the big guys from the small guys and let its horses run.

Why Chris Singleton may have been the steal of the NBA draft


Florida State F Chris Singleton dropped a lot farther than most experts had him going in Thursday night's NBA Draft. But dropping all the way to the Washington Wizards at #18, Singleton may have just been the steal of the draft!

Draft Debate - Chris Singleton vs. Jordan Hamilton


Will Chris Singleton or Jordan Hamilton be the better pro?: http://t.co/ivc6RmD - FSU or Texas, who you got?

NCAA charges Boise State with "Lack of Institutional Control"


Five sports, including the football program, have been implicated in players receiving nearly $5,000 in improper benefits, including housing and food. Most of the violations seem minor in scope, but a women's tennis player also received thousands of dollars from coaches and was also allowed to compete for BSU without being enrolled, which is a HUGE no-no. The big violation goes directly against the NCAA's core principle of the "student-athlete", and it holds this principle as absolutely sacred. Violating that principle, plus the collective mass of other violations accumulated by BSU athletics programs over the last couple of years, is apparently what led the NCAA to level the notoriously severe charge. SBNation's Boise State site, One Bronco Nation Under God, has a very good rundown of the major stories surrounding the violations, along with many responses that recent Florida State fans might find quite familiar. Highlights: The Charges The football team self-reported violations of housing rules that happened from 2004-08. Coach Petersen's 2009 solution-coaches arranging summer housing for incoming freshmen-was itself a violation of NCAA housing rules. The big one: The timeline of the Women's Tennis eligibility incident. The scope of the wrongdoing is breathtaking.

Baby does the tomahawk chop! In honor of FSU snagging the #1 recruiting class in the nation...


Baby does the tomahawk chop! In honor of FSU snagging the #1 recruiting class in the nation today during national signing day, I wanted to share this video of my son, Elijah, doing the tomahawk chop! He was just 2 days old when I shot this video. Way to go, Coach Jimbo Fisher! Can't wait for the 2011 football season! It's going to be a great year...we're going all the way to the ACC & the BCS Championships! Go Noles!

Florida State sues the NCAA


The Florida State University announced today that it is taking legal action to have the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) comply with the public records laws of the state of Florida. Several news media organizations have sued both the NCAA and The Florida State University to compel the release of public records associated with the university’s appeal of an NCAA ruling. Today, the university filed a "cross-claim" in Leon County (Fla.) Circuit Court, essentially against the NCAA. The university also seeks compensation from the NCAA for legal fees and other costs it has incurred because of the NCAA’s refusal to release the documents in question.


The NCAA Double Standard

The chances of someone turning on ESPN and not hearing about Florida States latest scandal/appeal dilemmas are slim to none. That person probably has better chances of...

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