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The flawed NHL points system

NHL executives have kicked around the idea of changing the game,(again) in order to cover up something they don't like. Complicating the situation to water down the problem is simply setting the stage for more problems to pop up.

Change in the UCI - changes for women's cycling!

It's very, very early days, but it's nice to see that Brian Cookson is already making changes for women's cycling, by getting rid of the ridiculous age restriction for women's teams

Midweek Meltdown: Fans need 'Payback' against Cena

John Cena doesn't have to turn heel to revitalize his character, but he does need to give fans a reason to care about his feud with Ryback. What's the point of bringing an ambulance to "Payback" if you don't really need it?

X Rules: WWE gets one call right, blows another

WWE gets a virtual pat on the back for pulling Dolph Ziggler from Extreme Rules, followed by a virtual chop to the throat for missing the boat on Big E. Langston, who had the opportunity for a breakout performance on Sunday night in St. Louis.

TT 3/4: In Which You Can't Storm the Court

Today's tidbits cover eighth graders, gillie suits, and storming the court.

NFL overtime and 2-point conversions

Jim has been railing against the NFL's overtime rules for years, and for the most part I have turned a deaf ear. To me, you can't complain about the League's overtime rules too much, because your...

Electric blue spandex

No Winter Olympics is complete without hot discussion of costumes on figure skaters!  As I watched the pairs short program yesterday, I was pleased to see Ukraine's Volosozhar and Morozov step away...


Hybrid Football for Youth

At some point growing up, every football fan runs out to the front yard during halftime of their team's big game to throw the pigskin around. Dreams of being the quarterback throwing a long bomb...


Tweaking Baseball Rules (and possibly tweaking Bud)

Since my attempts to hack into the MLB server to make changes to the official rules of baseball have failed miserably, my backup option is to add a FanPost about four rule changes that I would like...

Olympic Dreams - what the rules say!

Olympic Dreams - how are the number of road cyclists per nation be decided for the women? It's time for some rules!

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