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My Goodness...

....I just realized a few minutes ago that I missed the Blogpoll deadline, which stinks because Brian highlighted the non-OSU No. 1 voters, which I was one of.

Maybe the fact that UF was going to be No. 1 in my Blogpoll is the reason that I didn't remind myself to do it Wednesday morning.

Or maybe I'm just disenchanted like most FSU fans.

After a long weekend of hand-wringing in the Seminole Nation -- during which some Florida State fans stopped asking for offensive coordinator Jeff Bowden's resignation and instead started asking for his father's retirement -- Bobby Bowden met Monday with the program's boosters, as he always does in-season for his weekly luncheons.

The room was half empty and much of the food uneaten. Perhaps this is how fans show their displeasure with a legendary coach they could never directly question -- they just don't show up.

I'm wondering what FSU would've drawn this week had Duke been a home game? 45,000? 50,000?

Full story is here.