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Question I pose to my readers...

...If the Duke game was home and you had tickets would you attend?

Now take into consideration where you live and potential costs of travel, etc.

If so why?

If not why?

I'm just wondering.

As for me in most years I've donated my tickets to the Tally Boys Clubs for some people to go, two years ago a few other alumnus at my job put our tickets together and donated about 15-16.

Unless it's homecoming, I just wouldn't go to the Duke game because it's a long commute and it generally isn't a good game, but I make sure the tickets don't go to waste.

I also don't believe that people should be called "true fans" or "bandwagon fans" based on this game. Many fans, myself included, have a budget or jobs that can take away some weekends so certainly there are games that many fans look at and say "I probably won't make that one this season to save money or cut down on the weekend traveling, etc."