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Random Rumblings...

...I'm really happy Auburn won. The Gators needed to be knocked down a peg or two just to make me feel better about the season. Thanks Auburn.

...Difference between Xavier Lee and Adrian McPherson? McPherson generally played well in backup duty. He took the QB job in 2002 because he passed the ball beautifully in the victory over Wake Forest and led the two to two touchdowns in a 34-24 loss to Notre Dame. He was ready. Lee hasn't had that good game as a backup yet to show people that he's ready.

...That being said he'll get ready somewhere else and leave the Noles in a very thinned QB situation. Don't expect Jamaal Edwards to hang around for 2007 even. That's a shame because I think Edwards might be the best running back on the team.

...I'm scared of Wake Forest. I hate to admit it but they are always tough and now they are going to get a banged up FSU squad.

...Speaking of banged up FSU squad, the team is down to its last five linebackers since Geno Hayes and Toddrick Verdell got injured Saturday. So in the week where the Noles are playing the most physical team in the ACC they have five total linebackers, a 265-pound defensive tackle and freshmen cornerbacks.

...This is a make or break game for the Noles in my opinion. If they lose on Saturday, I think this team wins seven games.

...Miami should be real proud of themselves, standing up against those tough 0-7 FIU Golden Panthers. It's a shame they couldn't show such toughness against LSU and Louisville.