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ESPN's Bowl Projections guy has FSU playing Oklahoma in the Gator Bowl. I like that, especially since Adrian Peterson wouldn't be playing.

...the other guy has FSU playing Washington in the Emerald Bowl. Cool trip for the players, I'm sure they'd rather go to Seattle instead of Jacksonville (I know I would), but the Emerald Bowl?

Oh well at least it isn't Boise.

For me the best case scenarios are as follows:

FSU vs. Alabama/LSU/Georgia in the Chick Fil-A Bowl

FSU vs. Nebraska/Oklahoma/USF in the Gator Bowl (Gator Bowl has access to either Big XII or Big East).

FSU-USF would be a cool game, but if FSU lost ALL shit would hit the fan in terms of the school's recruiting, which has already taken a major hit in this state.

ESPN Projections can be read here.