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My Thoughts On Remaining Schedule

FSU is 4-2 with half the season done. It's not the best 4-2 the team could have as the Seminoles have a 2-2 conference record, but the opportunities for a turnaround are there.

The scoring isn't what it was as FSU scored 55 and 51 against Rice and Duke respectively but only 24 in a too-close victory over Troy and has averaged just 17.6 points in the other three games.

Defensively the team is breaking down big time. Alex Boston might not play this week. Geno Hayes won't play this week. Tony Carter might come back so there's some good news.

The second half of the schedule will be no easier as FSU will face teams that have a decisive physical advantage over them. That being said if the team gets healthy, the possibility of getting to the ACC through the back door still exists.

So I'll analyze the second half of the schedule after the jump. But before you read that I need you guys to fill out this short survey for my bosses at SBN. They want to know who reads Tomahawk Nation and I would appreciate it if this site is well represented. Thanks

Boston College: Saturday's game is a make or break game IMO. Win on Saturday and they will be 9-2 going into the Florida game. Loss on Saturday and who knows what will happen with this thing. There is nothing going in FSU's favor on Saturday. The front seven is in shambles and BC is a team that physical destructs. Defensively BC is much better than N.C. State as well. This game could go either way obviously, but I don't like FSU's chances today.

at Maryland: Final road game on the schedule and a place that FSU was defeated at in 2004. I expect an FSU victory here, I think the Seminoles have a decisive speed advantage everywhere and Maryland doesn't have the physical game to expose FSU's main weaknesses on defense.

Virginia: Depending on where the team is mentally will decide the outcome of this game. I expect FSU to win either way, but if this team is rolling with three straight victories they could run the Cavaliers out of the stadium.

Wake Forest: This is the the game that could be the difference between going to Atlanta for the Bowl season or going to Jacksonville or Charlotte or Seattle or Boise. Wake Forest will NOT be easy. They are much more physical than FSU and the Seminoles don't have the depth advantage and they definitely don't have a coaching advantage. I'm very worried about Wake Forest.

Western Michigan: Should be a blowout and depending on where the FSU season is at this point (worst case scenario is 6-4) this will either be the final plea to start Xavier Lee (even though he doesn't deserve it) or the last opportunity to see Xavier Lee before he transfers to Bethune-Cookman.

Florida: Regardless of where the season is at this point, beating the Gators (who will most likely be 10-1 at this point) will make the season a success. Right now Florida has a talent advantage IMO and they are most dangerous on offense. From a recruiting standpoint the Gators' increasing control of the state could become wider or FSU could start taking the state back.

Right now, if you had to pin me down I'd say the team will finish 8-4 with a 5-3 conference record. Considering the schedule was tailor made for a 10-win season this is a major disappointment. But a victory over Boston College on Saturday gives the team a great opportunity to go into Florida with a 9-2 record and keep possibilities of an ACC championship alive.