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My Top 10 Blogpoll

For open discussion.

1) Ohio State: It's their time now. I've held off for as long as possible, but they are the best.

2) USC: When Tommy Tuberville spoke about Washington State's strong play on the line, I had a feeling this was a trap game for the Trojans.

3) Louisville: Defensively this team has really impressed me.

4) Florida: Gutsy team and if they beat LSU by double digits I'll put them at No. 1

5) Auburn: Thursday's game showed Tuberville can be outcoached, he was saved by a dropped pass.

6) Michigan: They look very confident on the road. They don't appear to be a team that will suffer a random slip up.

7) LSU: The best team in the next echelon.

8) Oregon: Holy Moly...

9) Texas: Should beat OU this weekend, if they don't then Mack Brown is really Bob Stoops' bitch.

10) West Virginia: This team just doesn't do anything for me. Slaton and White are good...but eh?