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Quick Post-Game Thoughts...

...another day, another loss. Eventually this team and staff will realize that they aren't slipping into mediocrity...they are mediocre.

-- Difference in the game was turnovers. FSU scored 10 points off of thiers, BC scored 14 off of theirs. There's your difference. Meanwhile FSU couldn't afford to get down by two scores, which they did.

-- The defense, god bless them, with limited bodies put it all on the line and gave the team a chance to win.

-- FSU needs better athletes on offense. These guys are good, but they aren't good enough to make up for horrible coaching. FSU needs a better quarterback, they truly need a Chris Weinke-type to win.

-- It's time to make a shakeup in the receiver position. Let's give Joslin Shaw more time and more opportunities to freshmen Preston Parker and Damon McDaniel.

-- This team wins eight games tops.