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Weatherford and the Offense

It's now common knowledge that Drew Weatherford was almost benched and apparently got into a pretty tense argument with QB coach Daryl Dickey about it.

Now I'm hardly a Dickey fan, but I understood where he was coming from when he couldn't really explain what Weatherford was doing wrong. Weatherford really didn't do anything wrong but he couldn't lead the offense to the end zone.

I believe it's the QB's job to take shots in the end zone when inside the opposition's 25 yard line. Weatherford doesn't like taking shots to the endzone unless he has to. He either prefers to let a running back make something happen on a dump pass or throw a high-percentage jump ball.

This is a major change from the QB I saw last year. Weatherford will never be confused with a risk-taker like Chris Rix or Casey Weldon, but he has to be more aggressive when he's in the red zone.

After the jump is a synopsis of FSU's 11 offensive series, their result and where the drive ended. On three occasions FSU drove deep into BC's territory and Weatherford didn't take a shot into the end zone. FSU still came out with 10 points due to a FG and a QB sneak touchdown, but the lack of aggression burned Weatherford on the team's final drive.

Drive 1:

Started at FSU 10
Ended at FSU 23

Drive Ended: 2nd and 3, FSU runs a reverse and Weatherford WHIFFS on a block that would've spring Joslin Shaw for at least a first down, instead he loses four yards. If Weatherford gets a body on the defensive lineman it's a first down. 3rd and 7, Weatherford is stopped for no gain. He had someone (I think Chris Davis) open underneath, probably wouldn't have gotten a first down.

Drive 2:

Started at FSU 10
Ended at BC 42

Drive Ended: False Start gave Seminoles 1st and 15 at BC 43 and next three plays are -- incomplete pass; Smith runs and loses three yards and Weatherford scrambles for four yards in a coverage stoppage.

Drive 3:

Started at BC 32 (Williams Interception)
Ended at BC 11 (Cismesia FG)

Key Plays: 1st and 10 at the BC 15 and the following sequence -- Weatherford muffs snap and loses four yards; Screen pass to Booker loses one yard; Dump off to Booker for nine yards.

Note: 1st and 10 at the 15 and never takes a single shot at the endzone? The call to dump off to Booker on 3rd and 15 was a Weatherford special as he was afraid to make the pressure throw in the middle of the field. I'm surprised they didn't even call a jump ball.

Drive 4:

Started at FSU 10
Ended at FSU 18 (Piurowski fumble)

Note: Nothing really of note here but Piurowski wasn't down and there's nothing to complain about here. The fumble was recovered by BC and returned to the 1-yard line with they scored two plays later.

Drive 5:

Started at FSU 20
Ended at BC 0 (Touchdown pass to Greg Carr)

Key Plays: 15-yard pass to Shaw on 3rd and 10; 43-yard middle screen pass to Booker; 23-yard pass to Carr for the touchdown.

Note: THIS is a drive. Only took five plays I believe and once they got inside the 20, Weatherford took two shots to the end zone. The first one was caught for a touchdown by Carr by a penalty called it back. Next play Weatherford hits Carr with a deep post for the score.

Drive 6:

Started at FSU 24
Ended at FSU 0 (Weatherford intercepted for touchdown)

Notes: With less then forty seconds remaining here's the sequence -- 9-yard out pass to Davis; incomplete pass (batted down by Haji) and interception for touchdown. Atrocious sequence and terrible decision by Weatherford. Bottom line was with 24 seconds remaining he's tossing a five-yard out pass and for what? A first down? Why? Just run out the clock and go into the locker room or take shots down the field.

Drive 7:

Started at FSU 25
Ended at FSU 40

Drive Ended: BC gets another coverage sack on 3rd and 7. Weatherford had around six seconds to throw the ball and probably could've rolled to him right and bought more time.

Note: Weatherford overthrew Greg Carr by two steps on a sure touchdown. Why he tried to lead him is beyond me, all he had to do what do what he's always done and underthrow him.

Drive 8:

Started at FSU 24
Ended at FSU 41

Drive Ended: Another sack on 3rd and short. This isn't on Weatherford as Shannon Boatman got beat like a rented mule.

Drive 9:

Started at FSU 41 (Garvin recorded fumble)
Ended at BC 0 (Weatherford TD run)

Key Plays: 14-yard pass to Carr on 3rd and 10; 14-yard pass to Smith on 3rd and 10; 20-yard pass to Davis.

Notes: Now according to the reports this wasn't going to be Weatherford's drive originally as QB coach Daryl Dickey told Weatherford he was going to be benched in hopes of getting the offense a spark with Xavier Lee. The fumble changed things and Weatherford put together a nice drive.

Drive 10:

Started at FSU 23
Ended at BC 9 (Stopped on Downs)

Drive Ended: Here's the sequence from 1st and 10 at the BC 15 -- Weatherford 6-yard run; Smith 1-yard run; Weatherford loses one yard on a muffed snap (which was low); incomplete pass on fourth down. Not ONE time did they take a shot at the endzone on that drive.

Drive 11:

Started at FSU 45
Ended at BC 0 (Interception)

Drive Ended: Weatherford completes 14-yard pass to Davis to set up Hail Mary, which was intercepted.

The Final Tally is 11 drives, three scores, three turnovers and four punts and one stoppage on downs; 10 drives started in FSU territory, six ended in BC territory with three scores.

It's hard to see where the offense went wrong because frankly they should've scored more. The second to last drive was the most problematic as the Seminoles drove 68 yards without taking a shot at the endzone despite needing a touchdown to tie the game. On two drives that ended deep in BC territory, FSU failed to take a shot in the endzone. I feel like that falls squarely on the head of the QB. You have to WANT to score a touchdown, you can nickel and dime between the 20s but eventually that space runs out. Weatherford didn't make the attempts he needed to in order to put points on the board.