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...The mental mistakes from this inexperienced team and this experienced coaching staff.

...dropped passes...

...poor management of time outs...

...losing despite outgaining Maryland 2-to-1...


...15-yard penalties after missing fourth down...

Now Lee gave the offense a spark. The running game looked as good as it's looked all season and the passing game was solid. They even broke the 20-point barrier and threw the ball across all points of the field at all distances.

Defensively things were horrible in the first half, but they only gave up around 50-60 yards in the second half.

Special teams were atrocious long before the blocked field goal. The punt coverage was as bad as it could've ever been.

Carr drops a pass in the final minute that would've given FSU a first and goal. Maybe the worse drop he'll have this season.

Joe Surratt, one of the young leaders, takes off his helmet out of frustration. The ball was already turned over and now it's a turn over with 15 yards off the end of it. That's like a fumble or an interception.

What do you do at the quarterback position?

What do you do at the running back position where Antone Smith was a bigger threat in my opinion?

What about the receivers. I think Preston Parker and Damon McDaniel have to get into the game. Chris Davis played his best game of the season.

What about the offensive line. False starts and holds galore. I think this is a poorly coached unit, as poorly coached as it's ever been.

Defensively you hope to get Hayes and Boston back next week, you've got to get more bodies in there.

I'm frustrated, we're all frustrated. Virginia, Wake Forest, Western Michigan....7-4 with some momentum going into the Florida game is all you can ask for. The reason of the season will be at Doak.