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Ok...A Day Later...

Was Drew Weatherford's injury bunk?

I mean there was no (ZERO) reports of him missing Wednesday or Thursday practices and no reports of the injury in any of the school's practice reports.

I'm wondering if the "tendonitis" was the best way to keep Drew from going through the scrunity of being benched. It's obvious that the offensive staff was considering a change but they respected Drew enough to keep him away from the media frenzy.

It was also protection in case Lee crashed and burned. The coaches could've easily inserted Weatherford the next week as if nothing happened.

But something did happen. Lee played well, he opened up the offense, they ran multiple sets, they ran the ball well, they did the things on offense that will make both Bowden's have a much easier week despite the loss.

Now comes the hard part. What do you do with Weatherford? He's done everything right and he led the team to an ACC title as a freshman. He's a coach's dream but he just doesn't have the tools necessary to bring his game to the level this team needs right now.

Last year Jim Tressel made a similarly difficuly choice between Justin Zwick and Troy Smith. It came down to who was more capable of bringing the offense up a notch. Ohio State is 16-1 since.

Not saying this move to Lee is permanent or that it will be as successful. But as this young team matures in 2007 and 2008, the possibility of going on a similar two-year run is there and the Seminoles need to find the right guy to lead them offensively,