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My Top 10 Blogpoll for the Week...

Yes I'm pysched about Lee and it kills me that FSU probably won't be in my BlogPoll for the rest of the season.

  1. Ohio State -- Duh
  2. Florida -- Yes above Auburn and here's why. They went through the Alabama, LSU, Auburn, Georgia guantlet with a 3-1 record. I don't know if any of the other one-loss teams could do that.
  3. Michigan -- Not impressive against a Northwestern team that Michigan State lit up.
  4. Tennessee -- Another impressive road win.
  5. Louisville -- You'll see on Thursday They are the best in the Big East.
  6. California -- Are they the best in the Pac-10, we'll see.
  7. USC -- The Trojans will go one of two ways after this loss. The comeback makes me think they will excel.
  8. Rutgers -- Give the kids some credit, they are 8-0!
  9. Texas -- The Longhorns showed a lot of character to shut Texas Tech down in the second half.
  10. Auburn -- They have had very lackluster efforts and I see a loss coming soon.