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Five Keys to FSU Victory...

...this is going to be the toughest road game on the schedule. Chuck is batting .500 against FSU and every game since 2001 has been 10 points or closer.

1) Get a Pass Rush: I jump on the offense a lot (and rightfully so) but the defensive line has one sack this year. Yes I said ONE and none with the starting defensive line. N.C. State is starting a young, inexperienced quarterback so it's important to get pressure on him.

2) Show a LITTLE Creativity: Let's hope the fun, creative offense wasn't just a speciality for Rice. There's nothing wrong with using a few wrinkles since Amato knows the playbook anyway.

3) Throw a Pass Over 10 Yards: I'm talking to you Weatherford. Have some faith in yourself.

4) Catch the Friggin Ball: I'm talking to you Chris Davis! And you Richard Goodman! And you De'Cody Fagg!

5) Score in the First Half: The FSU offense has scored three points in the first half this season against teams not named "Rice". A quick lead could make this a fun night.