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My Blogpoll Top 10

It's open for discussion, I won't submit it until tomorrow night. FSU is not in my Top 25 this week and I doubt that will change.

1) Florida: @^$^&!

2) Ohio State: Hopefully they will be number one again next week.

3) Southern Cal: They continue to slide by, but sliding by is better than the alternative. Just ask Auburn.

4) Louisville: Wasn't their best performance Friday but when they had to turn up the juice, they did.

5) Michigan: A victory over Penn State this weekend and I don't see another loss on their schedule until time to play Ohio State.

6) Tennessee: A bit bold by shooting this team up 11 spots, but I feel like they are the best of the one-win teams. Last team to score 50 on the Dawgs in their house was the 1995 Gators.

7) California: Another big jump, but the Bears have had back-to-back impressive victories to solidified their spot as a top-2 team in the Pac 10.

8) Texas: If Colt McCoy gets it going through the passing game this will be the team no one wants to face in the postseason.

9) West Virginia: Much better showing at Starkville than what I saw against East Carolina.

10) Clemson: Win over Wake Forest proved this team has the mental makeup to win the ACC.