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Games of Interest...

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There are a few games I'll be watching throughout the day before my birthday party (I'm turning a young 30...apparently).

Georgia (+11.5) at Auburn: I don't know why I like this one. Georgia isn't good but Auburn's offense isn't effective. One thing about Georgia is that they have heart and they will claw together a respectable performance. Auburn 23-17.

South Carolina (+13) at Florida: This is a bold pick because Florida is going to be especially worked up for the return of the ol' ball coach to Gainesville. One of the things that Spurrier loves the most is to be on the road in the SEC against a fanbase looking for his blood (see last year at Tennessee). He has a great calming presence around him and his team will emulate that today. Two quarterbacks, nothing to lose. Sounds like Spurrier's day. South Carolina 24-17.

Miami (+3) at Maryland: Seems like an underdog day so far. So far the poll has been pretty split on whether people will root for Miami. I don't fault people either way and I am clearly rooting for the Hurricanes to win because it would uplift the spirit of kids who have been dealing with the apathy all year because of their struggles and now this vicious stomach punch was added. A win and bowl eligibility would be a nice send off to their fallen captain. Miami 20-13

Wake Forest at FSU (-9): I can't believe FSU is a nine-point favorite and right now I can't believe that I think they are going to cover said spread. The team is very different with Xavier Lee in the game. Offense, defense and special teams. The defense is playing knowing that the offense can make plays. The special teams is amped up, the offense is obviously amped up. The Seminoles could win big, but I think they will just win sufficiently and that's not too bad either. FSU 30-17