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My Thoughts on JB's resignation

This was the right move for the program, for Jeff Bowden and his family and for Bobby Bowden.

Obviously the elder Bowden is emotional and sad. He desperately wanted this to work and in his heart of hearts he doesn't feel like the team is that far away from success.

But the facts are the team is far away, very far away and there was no reason to think the offense was going to get any better in the the next 2 weeks or 12 months. FSU doesn't lose 30-0 at home to Wake Forest unless things are completely broken and cannot be fixed.

Jeff Bowden leaves at the right time because he sees the talent that will be at FSU in the next two years and a final opportunity for his father to compete for national title. Versatile players like Xavier Lee, Drew Weatherford, Antone Smith, Matt Dunham, Brandon Warren, Preston Parker, Damon McDaniel, Greg Carr, etc. give whoever the next coordinator is plenty of talent to make a quick fix.

I do believe the offensive coordinator job is appealing for many reasons. One the talent on the squad is solid and the ability to recruit Florida's rich pool of talent is great. Two the offense has been SO bad in the past three years that the only way is up. The person that comes in next season, if they can just make the offense look competent...that person will be a hero.

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