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Percentages: Who's Going With JB

We'll start with the offensive staff.

Darryl Dickey: To be honest, I wouldn't be surprised if this resignation comes before the end of the season as well. Dickey has been a disaster and the last four quarterbacks that have started any significant time at FSU haven't gotten better under his watch. Dickey has a great relationship with Coach Bowden, but there's a good chance the next offensive coordinator will also be the quarterbacks coach. Percentage: 85%

Mark McHale: I feel like McHale is the worse offensive line coach at any BCS school. He is a terrible recruiter who isn't willing to fight for the blue-chip recruits. He took a line with some deficiencies and made them completely inept. I don't believe the players particularly respect or respond to his coaching. Percentage: 80%

Billy Sexton: Sexton has been on staff for 25 years and is generally well regarded by players and fans alike. Due to his time served and his great friendship and loyalty to Coach Bowden many expect him to stay and help the transition of new coaches. However, Sexton has also been rumored to be considering retirement. He will not be forced out either way. Percentage: 45%

John Lilly: Considering the downward spiral FSU football has been in, Lilly has made miracles on Signing Day with his ability to outline recruiting strategies and deliver good recruiting classes. FSU's recruiting base in Florida has shrunk considerably due to their lack of success and Florida's younger, more aggressive staff. Lilly is well liked by players and considered an intricate part of the staff. Percentage: 10%

Now for the defensive staff.

Kevin Steele: The rumors are serious surrounding FSU's executive head coach. At one point Steele was thought to be the odds on favorite to succeed Bowden at FSU. Now with FSU at .500, Bowden quickly losing control of his surrounding and his 9-36 career coaching record, many think Dave Hart will go for a big-name replacement or a younger, more successful one. It's been rumored that Steele will be offered the defensive coordinator job at North Carolina with Butch Davis. I expect he will take it if it's there. Percentage: 65%

Odell Haggins: Haggins has had interviews with NFL teams each of the past three seasons I believe. He is one of the lowest paid coaches at his position given the status of FSU football and despite his reputation as one of the nation's best recruiters. If he gets an NFL offer this year, expect him to go. This would be a major loss for FSU as Odell is a former player, a great developer of talent and the only paid minority on the staff. Percentage: 50%

Jody Allen: Allen has a lot of critics due to the lack of great pass rushers since he's been here. However, he is another dynamic recruiter and still one of the younger coaches on the staff. I don't expect him to get a better job offer so he should stay. Percentage: 25%

Mickey Andrews: Andrews has as much tenure as Bowden and he won't leave until he wants to. He still can build a solid defense and if disaster strikes and there is a major turnover on this staff who is better at locating strong assistants? Percentage:5%