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Buster Davis Sounds Off...

...there are two people that have a right to be rightfully pissed about where this team has went, it's linebackers Buster Davis and Lawrence Timmons.

Both kids come to work everyday and have brought the thunder every Saturday in light of all the crap.

Buster has held his emotions in check, but yesterday he let a few loose to Emily Badger of the Orlando Sentinel.

The chasm between FSU's offense and the defense erupted after last Saturday's 30-0 loss to Wake Forest. It was the first time in Bobby Bowden's career that the Seminoles were shut out at home. Afterward, quarterback Drew Weatherford said he didn't see his team fight.

"We fought our [butts] off. I don't know what he's talking about," Davis says. "Maybe his offense didn't fight. But I know the defense fought."

Weatherford came on in the second quarter after starter Xavier Lee threw two interceptions.

"I think when Coach pulled him early, I think that might have been the point where the offensive side of the ball was kind of like, 'You pulled the man?'" Davis says of what might have been the low point of the season. "I don't think that was something they wanted, the players. And what can you say?"

The full story is here.